Community Service Sentencing

Community Service is a sentencing alternative that focuses on individual restitution for offenses with an emphasis on contributing to the community.


  • You must meet with a case manager prior to performing community service hours. Any volunteer hours or other community service hours performed prior to meeting with a CJS case manager will not be accepted. 
  • Community service work sites must be approved in advance by your case manager.
  • To successfully complete the program, the contract and full payment must be submitted to Community Justice Services.
  • Clients who are convicted of alcohol-related driving offenses must set up an appointment after being referred by their probation officer.
  • If you have not made an appointment to meet with a CJS case manager, please call 303-441-3690 (Boulder) or 303-682-6854 (Longmont).
  • Walk-In and Appointment hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:15pm.

Intake Forms

To help expedite your case, you may download, fill-in, and print the Community Service Intake Form to bring with you to your appointment with your CJS case manager.

Community Services Intake Form - English

Community Services Intake Form - Spanish

Fee Information

There is a Community Justice Services fee of $100.00. This fee is separate from other Court fines and fees. This fee covers insurance, placement services, and supervision of your case. A portion of the fee must be paid in order to start your Community Service hours. CJS accepts cash, checks and major credit cards (only full payment for credit cards is accepted). Debit cards are not accepted. A fee payment schedule may be arranged with your Case Manager. To pay your community services fee online, please visit the Official Payments website. Download instructions for online payment here.

Fast Track Program

The Fast Track program provides an option for the client to complete their Community Service obligation on weekends. The Fast Track Supervisors are fluent in Spanish and provide a valuable option for monolingual Spanish speaking clients. The program is the only option for clients convicted of violent or sex related offences. Fast Track crews primarily assist Boulder County agencies such as Parks and Open Space and Housing. They are also available for special events. The Integrated Treatment Courts utilize the Fast Track program as an immediate sanction for their clients. The Fast Track Program participants completed on average 6,336 hours in 2013 and 2014.

Caring Crafts Program

Community Service Approved Worksites

Frequently Asked Questions