Caring Crafts Program 

Caring Crafts

The Caring Crafts program allows clients to complete their Community Service by creating handmade articles that are then donated to local non-profit agencies.  The clients are able to repair the harm they have done to the community by improving the lives of others. Because Caring Crafts matches’ community service projects to clients’ individual skills it creates a meaningful restorative justice experience to our clients, our communities, and our Court system. Examples of projects completed by clients are: rocking horses, picnic benches, toy chests, lap robes, baby blankets and rocking chairs.

Are you a non-profit agency in need of a particular caring crafts item, such as a bookcase, bench, etc? If so please contact

Samples of what our clients have provided:

      Dollhouse dimensions
16" tall x 16" wide x 12" deep

16" high x 7" wide x 7" deep

37" wide x 28" high x 12" deep

   Toy Train