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Workforce Boulder County Training Team

Claire BentonClaire Benton
Triathlete, camper, empath, foodie, ridiculously fun and dynamic adventurer, a community celebratoire, a rainbow. Claire has a rich back ground in both higher education and non-profit career counseling and holds an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and Outdoor Recreation, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. A magical blend of advocacy, self-awareness and FUN. Claire’s top strengths are: Adaptability, Empathy, Includer, Positivity, and Woo.
Sam ColynKeiran Bissell
After a few years leading wilderness therapy for at-risk and adjudicated young adults in the way-hot summers and snowy winters, Keiran decided to pursue working indoors. They’ve worked with kids and youth in various capacities, including the Workforces’ Governor Summer Job Hunt and Youth WIOA programs. Most recently, they completed their Master’s in Social Work at CSU. Keiran believes in the importance of authenticity, approaching others with an open mind, kindness, and not taking themself or anything too seriously. They pursue any learning opportunity, factoid, or theory they can access- and while it’s not all relevant to their actual job- they’re a MVP trivia teammate. They are also a climber, bike commuter, backpacker, and meditator. Keiran brings this diversity of interest and love of knowledge to the GED Learning Lab.
Deb BlakenshipDeb Blankenship
Deb’s work history includes an eclectic mix of careers: recruiter, theatre professor, and corporate trainer, as well as waitress, bakery assistant, and security officer. She has spent more time than she would like to admit as a job seeker, and is well aware of the pitfalls of looking for work. This experience ultimately led her to Workforce Boulder County where, as an Employment Trainer, she facilitates job search workshops in subjects such as career exploration, resume writing, interviewing, and LinkedIn.
Carla Farias-Sabalo
Carla Farias-Sabalo has a long history of teaching! She worked as an Academic Coordinator at the Austral Hospital University, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Health Management and Economy, in Buenos Aires; as a Teacher Assistant in Woodland Hills, CA; and provided tutoring to fifth-grade students in Math Enrichment. Carla is thrilled to serve as a Bilingual Community Educator at Boulder County. Originally from Argentina, Carla lived in Los Angeles and Sydney, and she’s fascinated by the uniqueness of cultures worldwide. Her role at Workforce Boulder County gives her the opportunity to combine these two passions into one amazing job! When not teaching, Carla likes to spend time with her family and friends. Additionally, Carla enjoys the beauty of nature, practicing yoga and meditation.
Laura NovakLaura Novak
Laura has had a rich and winding career story starting with studying film at CU, becoming a pre-school teacher, venturing into the non-profit world, working with adolescents, and partnering with vulnerable people in our community experiencing crisis. Laura has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is passionate about self-development and growth. She loves to encourage and support others as they discover more about who they are, what they value, and what they want their lives to be about. Laura enjoys the sunshine, hot air balloons, lawn games, whimsy, and being on a bicycle.
Jenn UnderwoodJenn Underwood
After more than 12 years of experience as a non-profit director and hiring manager, Jenn joined the Workforce team in 2013. Her previous experience in career exploration, internship coaching, and interviewing help her adapt answers for a wide variety of client needs. As an English Lit major, she’s been editing resume since 1997, so she can make anyone look good on paper. When she’s not at work, Jenn enjoys cycling, hiking, road tripping, and checking out local breweries.
Tonja YeltonTonja Yelton
Disruptor, musician, strategic storyteller and unapologetic introvert. Acting at the junction of art and neuroscience to craft experiences that go beyond education. I’m a designer and this is my work. Let’s create opportunity and recognize potential. I draw on fogged up windows.
Marcia ZipkinMarcia Zipkin
Marcia is enthusiastic and in love with teaching! Originally from fast-paced Connecticut, she still maintains that high energy and brings it all into the classroom, making all participants realize there isn’t anywhere else they’d rather be. Well, most of the time. Seriously, if you think you can’t have a good time talking about Goal Setting, Communicating with Creditors, or Budgeting and Credit Reports (her favorite subject), then you better sign up for a class and find out what all the excitement is about. “I love sharing information that empowers people with choice. Knowledge is power and I want everyone to have it! I believe that change is a personal journey the each of us must discover for ourselves.” When not teaching, she is socializing, preferably outside and simply loving every single aspect of this beautiful world we live in, and talking to animals wherever she sees them!

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