Land Use Staff Directory
Land Use Department - Courthouse Annex Building

Land Use Staff Directory

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Name Job Title Email Phone
Acosta, Kathy Permit Specialist Supervisor 720-564-2626
Buckles, Kristina Lead Administrative Technician 303-441-3930
Case, Dale Land Use Department Director 720-564-2604
Ludwig, Chuck Permit Specialist 303-747-2107
Delumpa, Pat Building Inspector 720-564-2606
Fasick, Jessica Planning Technician 720-564-2614
Flax, Ron Chief Building Official 720-564-2643
Fogg, Pete Senior Planner 720-564-2608
Fredrickson, Lori Administrative Technician 720-564-2609
Gaynor, Cary Building Inspector 720-564-2617
Gracia, Bonnie Planner I 720-564-2601
Grimm, Denise Senior Planner 720-564-2611
Hackett, Richard (Rick) Communications Specialist 720-564-2605
Hagen, Chad Plans Examiner / Building Inspector 720-564-2610
Ruano, Jose Planner I 303-441-3922
Haines, David GIS Manager/Business Analyst 720-564-2632
Bennett, Bryon Plans Examiner / Building Inspector 303-441-1373
Dodge, Heather Plans Examiner 720-564-2602
Horrie, Amber GIS Specialist 720-564-2619
Huebner, Michelle Plans Examiner Supervisor 720-564-2616
Howell, Dana Planning Technician 720-564-2647
Kuwahara, Pam Business Operations Manager 720-564-2618
LeRoux, Carmen GIS Technician 303-441-3887
McKinstry, April Permit Specialist 303-441-2631
Lombardi, Alicia Administrative Technician 303-441-4788
Mastin, Daniel Building Inspector 720-564-2612
McCatty, Kyle Wildfire Mitigation Specialist 720-564-2625
McNamara, Michelle Planner II 720-564-2613
Frederick, Summer Senior Planner 720-564-2603
Nye, Brian Building Inspector Supervisor 720-564-2615
O’Dwyer, Sinead Planner I 303-441-4597
Palmer, Jeff Code Compliance Specialist II 720-564-2607
Perez, Martha Code Compliance Specialist II 720-564-2624
Rasmussen, Jon Plans Examiner 720-564-2637
Yellin, Ben Wildfire Mitigation Specialist 720-564-2641
Sanchez, Kim Sr. Chief Planner 720-564-2627
Sandoval, Kathy Lead On-Call Planner II 720-564-2620
Severson, Jennifer Senior Planner 303-441-1735
Shannon, Abigail On-Call Planner 720-564-2756
Martin, Christian Planner II 720-564-2866
Todacheene, Waylon Senior GIS Specialist 303-441-4961
Webster, Jim B. Project Manager / Wildfire Partners 720-564-2600
Weeks, Scott Lead Code Compliance Specialist II 720-564-2621
Wobus, Nicole Long Range Planning Manager 720-564-2298
Yelton, Taj Building Inspector 720-564-2639
Milner, Anna Administrative Lead Technician 720-564-2638
Joshua, Joshua GIS Specialist 720-564-2633
Rounds, Jesse Senior Planner 303-441-3984
Collazzi, Charlene Administrative Technician 720-564-2622
Wiseman, Chrisy Planner I 720-564-2623
Ott, Jean Planner I 720-564-2271
Weinstein, Laura Planner I 720-564-2608
Gaudette , Angela Planning Technician 303-441-3987

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