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Community Planning & Permitting Staff Directory
Land Use Department - Courthouse Annex Building

Community Planning & Permitting Staff Directory

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Name Job Title Email Phone
Gissel, Kathy Permit Operations Manager kgissel@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2626
Buckles, Kristina Administrative Division Manager kbuckles@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3930
Case, Dale Director dcase@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2604
Delumpa, Pat Building Inspector pdelumpa@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2606
Fasick, Jessica Planning Technician jfasick@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2614
Flax, Ron Deputy Director – Building & Permits, Chief Building Official rflax@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2643
Gaynor, Cary Building Inspector cgaynor@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2617
Gracia, Bonnie Planner I bgracia@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2601
Grimm, Denise Principal Planner dgrimm@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2611
Hackett, Richard (Rick) Communications Specialist rhackett@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2605
Hagen, Chad Plans Examiner / Building Inspector chagen@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2610
Marcucilli, Molly Planner I mmarcucilli@bouldercounty.org 303-441-4597
Haines, David GIS Manager/Business Analyst dhaines@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2632
Bennett, Bryon Plans Examiner / Building Inspector bbennett@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1373
Dodge, Heather Plans Examiner hdodge@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2602
Huebner, Michelle Plans Examiner Supervisor mhuebner@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2616
Howell, Dana Planning Technician dhowell@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2647
Lombardi, Alicia Lead Permit Specialist alombardi@bouldercounty.org 303-441-4788
McCatty, Kyle Wildfire Mitigation Specialist kmccatty@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2625
Frederick, Summer Planning Division Manager, Development Review sfrederick@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2603
Nye, Brian Building Inspector Supervisor bnye@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2615
Harden, Dyan Code Compliance Specialist I dharden@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2635
Perez, Martha Code Compliance Specialist II mperez@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2624
Sanchez, Kim Deputy Director – Planning/Zoning ksanchez@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2627
Sandoval, Kathy Lead On-Call Planner II ksandoval@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2620
Shannon, Abigail On-Call Planner ashannon@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2756
Todacheene, Waylon Senior GIS Specialist wtodacheene@bouldercounty.org 303-441-4961
Webster, Jim B. Project Manager / Wildfire Partners jbwebster@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2600
Weeks, Scott Lead Code Compliance Specialist II sweeks@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2621
Yelton, Taj Building Inspector tyelton@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2639
Bond, Angel Mobility for All Program Manager abond@bouldercounty.org 303-441-2218
Holste, John Events Permitting Planner II jholste@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3906
Hyde-Wright, Alex Senior Transportation Planner ahyde-wright@bouldercounty.org 303-441-4910
Katzberg, Drew Transportation Land Officer dkatzberg@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1374
McCarey, Scott Alternative Transportation Coordinator smccarey@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2665
Proctor, Stacey Creek Recovery & Restoration Specialist sproctor@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1107
Milner, Anna Administrative Lead Technician amilner@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2638
Ryan, Joshua GIS Specialist joryan@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2633
Rounds, Jesse Senior Planner jrounds@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3984
Severson, Jennifer Principal Planner – Engineering Development Review jseverson@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2663
De Los Rios, Alberto Planner I adelosrios@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2623
Ott, Jean (Raini) Planner II jott@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2271
Luebbert, Tonya Trails Planner II tluebbert@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2866
Phillips, Alexandra Bicycle Planner - Employee Transit Coordinator aphillips@bouldercounty.org 303-441-4520
Edson, Cammie Planner II - Youth Transportation Program Manager cedson@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3935
Butts, Jeff Multimodal Planner II jbutts@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2754
Willits, Amy Geologist, Development Review Planner awillits@bouldercounty.org 303-441-4821
Bangs, Casey Floodplain Intern cbangs@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3507
Watson, Kelly Floodplain Specialist kwatson@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2652
Gambrel, Sean GIS Specialist sgambrel@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2613
Kacirek, Ryan Planner I rkacirek@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2629
Walker, Sam Planner I swalker@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2738
Dominguez, Yvonne GIS Business Analyst ydominguez@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2619
Silver, Abby Wildfire Mitigation Specialist asilver@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2641
Defoe, Julie Permit Specialist jdefoe@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1401
Dejean, Fabienne Administrative Technician fdejean@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3930
Brodhead, Leslie Wildfire Program Specialist II lbrodhead@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2851
Kirby, Madison Administrative Technician mkirby@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3930
Mueller, Scott Historic Preservation Specialist smueller@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2880
Galvan, Alexis Administrative Technician agalvan@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3930
Endicott, Chad Planner I cendicott@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3922
Gazzetti, Virginia Floodplain Planner II vgazzetti@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2865
Stubbs , Sarah Permit Specialist sstubbs@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2631
Bracke, Kathleen Deputy Director – Transportation Planning kbracke@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2285
Rodenburg, Jasmine Senior Planner – Oil/Gas & Environmental Policy jrodenburg@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1169
Hippely, Hannah Long Range Planning Division Manager hhippely@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1169
Christopher, Alicia Accountant I achristopher@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1169
Kelly, Timothy Plans Examiner tkelly@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2612
Buelow, Daniel Wildfire Chipping Crew Member dbuelow@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2612
McClish, Kiernan Wildfire Chipping Crew Member kmcclish@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2612
Shull, Nathaniel Planner II nshull@bouldercounty.org 720-564-2612

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