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Public Health Mission Statement
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Public Health Mission Statement

Our Vision

Boulder County is a socially just, inclusive community where physical and mental health, social well-being, and the environment are valued, supported, and accessible to all.

Our Mission

Address social, economic, and environmental conditions in Boulder County to ensure that all people have the opportunity for a healthy life.

Our Values

Understanding that we work for and are accountable to the public, we will model the following values in our interactions with the public, our partners, and one another.

Foster Trust

We are honest and build trust through our interactions with one another, our partners, and the public. We share information in a timely fashion, provide opportunities for others to be involved in or help inform decision making, and clearly communicate expectations. We follow through on our commitments and are accountable to our values.

Demonstrate Respect & Compassion

We demonstrate compassion, patience, and acceptance, and we honor confidentiality. We are non-judgmental, and we preserve dignity. We actively listen to and honor the perspectives of others with the intent to understand and to promote a positive environment in our work with the community, our partners, and each other.

Collaborate & Build Strong Teams

We engage a wide spectrum of contributors to think and create together, and we combine our strengths to find the best solutions for complex problems. We are intentional about fostering strong relationships with our colleagues and partners to promote health.

Be Flexible, Creative, & Innovative

We are flexible in our approach, and we embrace the changes necessary to meet the changing needs of our community and organization. We learn from our mistakes and encourage creative and progressive problem-solving and service provision. We use innovation to meet community need and improve the effectiveness of our strategies.

Pursue & Support Personal & Professional Development

We support personal and professional growth through opportunities to learn and experience, delegation of responsibility, and recognition of individual and team accomplishments.

Recognize Leadership in Everyone

We recognize that leadership lies within all of us; it is not based on position or title. We strive to inspire a shared vision, encourage and support one another, enable others to act, and challenge ourselves.

Promote Inclusion & Honor the Life Experiences of Others

We maintain a culture that is inclusive of our individual differences, our life experiences, and our voices. We will foster a culture where each individual feels a sense of belonging and is comfortable to be themselves. We work to understand our differences and will be respectful, even when our opinions differ.

Our Guiding Principles

The following key principles describe the actions we will take to conduct our public health work to make significant and sustainable improvements to health in Boulder County.

  1. Use data and community input to identify factors that significantly impact equity, health and quality of life. Employ evidence-based strategies and evaluation to inform decisions, assure quality, and demonstrate outcomes in policies and programs.
  2. Initiate, enhance, and promote efforts to address the social determinants of health to ensure health equity for people in Boulder County. Support community capacity in leadership and organizing that demonstrates collective power to affect change and influence public health programming, policy, and systems change efforts.
  3. Promote primary prevention and a population-based approach to maximize health impact at the broadest possible level, while intentionally targeting prevention resources toward populations that are experiencing inequities.
  4. Collaborate across sectors to initiate and strengthen partnerships toward making a collective impact, ensuring common goals, shared measurement, coordination of activities, and reduced duplication.
  5. Clarify appropriate roles of Boulder County Public Health and our partners in the public health system.
  6. Ensure that people in Boulder County are empowered and equipped to make informed decisions to adopt healthy behaviors.
  7. Educate and influence policy makers so they are able to set policies that protect and enhance the health of individuals, families, communities, and the environment.
  8. Implement strategies in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

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