Community Health Assessments
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Community Health Assessments

2017 Community Health Assessment

Every five years, each local public health agency in Colorado uses data to examine the health of the community they serve and identifies solutions to address the important health issues found in the assessment.

This year, Boulder County Public Health has embarked on a thorough assessment of the health of our county’s residents. The assessment results will include a community health profile and a review of existing county health data, input from residents, and a prioritization process. To provide input, learn more, or be involved, please complete the form below.

2017 Assessment Goals

  1. Complete the community health profile, informed by community voice and existing public health data
  2. Engage community members, especially those experiencing inequities, to hear their voices and include them in assessment decision-making
  3. Select one health-linked priority area, informed by community input, public health data and PHIP executive leadership, for focus by the next public health improvement plan (PHIP)

Opportunities to Provide Input

Members of the public are invited to help select a health priority for action. The area selected will receive increased resources from Boulder County Public Health throughout 2018-2020. If you’re interested in hearing about opportunities to help select the health focus area for Boulder County for the next three years, please provide your contact details below.

2011 Community Health Assessment

To determine the health status of the Boulder County community and the community’s capacity to provide the ten essential public health services, two assessments were completed.

Boulder County Health Prioritization & Capacity Assessment

  • 300 questions designed to generate discussion and a rating of the major activities, components, and practice areas for each essential service
  • Group discussion and consensus-building yielded a collective rating, a quantitative score, as well as qualitative data.

National Assessment Efforts

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