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Public Health Staff Directory
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Public Health Staff Directory

This list does not contain every employee who works for Boulder County Public Health.
Name Job Title Email Phone
Aberle, Celia Purchasing Assistant 303-441-1573
Ackerman, Julie Home Nurse Visitor 303-413-7500
Alchishe, Lalo Contracts Administrator 303-441-1151
Andrews, Nathan Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1331
Arndt, Rachel Environmental Health Planner 303-441-1182
Baker, Bryan Business Sustainability Specialist 303-441-1162
Barraza, Elia Parent Educator 303-678-6146
Baum, David Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1188
Blackmon, Kristie Human Resources Specialist 303-441-1140
Blanchard, Wendy Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1209
Blanco-Velez, Marcella Administrative Technician 303-441-1340
Borrego-Gordillo, Vicky Receptionist 303-413-7500
Brena, David OASOS Program Specialist 303-678-6135
Brightwell, Stephanie Registered Dietician 303-678-6064
Campbell, Marcy Public Health Planner 303-413-7527
Carter, Kristi Parent Educator 303-678-6145
Christopher, Todd Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1332
Coulson, Scott Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1157
Dansie, Maya GENESISTER Program Coordinator 303-413-7542
Dodge, Erin Water Quality Program Coordinator 303-441-1241
Dooley-Strappelli, Patty Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1560
Drager, Lane Program Coordinator 303-441-1178
Dudek, Karin Group Facilitator & Prevention/Interventionist 303-413-7546
Ellis, Melissa Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1567
Epstein, Jessica Environmental Health Specialist` 303-441-1138
Forshee, Layla Parent Educator 303-413-7513
Garcia, Patty Parent Educator 303-678-6257
Garcia, Marcela Administrative Technician 303-441-1100
Girdner, Monica Receptionist/Vital Records Clerk 720-564-2215
Golden, Tammy Administrative Division Manager 303-441-1141
Golden, Melissa Accountant I 303-441-1175
Gomez, Yanina Parent Specialist/Caseworker 303-678-6151
Goussetis, Chana Communications & Marketing Specialist 303-441-1457
Griffith, Katie Program Assistant 303-678-6064
Gruidel, Linda On-Call Nurse none assigned none assigned
Guardado, Karla Administrative Technician III 303-413-7568
Gujral, Indira Communicable Disease Control Division Manager 303-441-7569
Gwennap, Sarah Business Sustainability Specialist 303-441-1086
Hale, Tessa Healthy Beverage & Food Advisor 303-441-1324
Hannon, Matt Business Sustainability Specialist 303-441-1162
Hayes, Bill Business Sustainability Team Leader 303-441-1574
Hays, Sarah Nurse Home Visitor 303-818-7856
Helwig, Carol Program Coordinator 303-413-7522
Hochman, Laura Longmont Team Supervisor 303-678-6155
Hoefler, Gabi Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1147
Hogan, Jodi Lab Analyst 303-413-7426
Houde, Laurie Teen Parent Nurse 303-678-6150
Hulbert, Amelia Bilingual Healthy Eating Active Living Specialist 303-441-1382
Kaiser, Kara Environmental Health Specialist 303-413-7550
Kwiker, Harmony Group Facilitator 303-413-7546
Lee, Victoria Registered Dietician 303-413-7549
Lipps, Marshall Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1164
Lopez, Lorka Admin Site Office Manager & Vital Records Supervisor 303-441-1151
Lustgarten, Zach Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1159
Malinowski, Joe Division Manager 303-441-1197
Mangeyn, Rita Administrative Support 303-441-1145
Martinez, Rob Administrative Supervisor 303-441-1475
Martinez, Sonia Bilingual Health Educator 303-413-7534
Martinez, Natalia Health Educator 303-678-6130
Martinez, Teri Parent Educator 303-678-6169
Martino, Susan Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1176
McCarthy, John Computer Systems Specialist 303-441-1569
McCudden, Laura Public Health Nurse 303-678-6173
McInnes, Carol Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1438
McLean, Lori Program Coordinator 303-678-6137
Mohamed, Dalia Administrative Specialist 303-441-1369
Montalbano, Elizabeth Business Sustainability Advisor 303-441-1217
Morris, Melinda Program Manager 303-413-7509
Motika, Susan Director of Strategic Initiatives 303-441-1185
Mouriz, Evelyn Parent Educator 720-564-2707
Nacht, Joshua Group Facilitator 303-413-7548
Neal, Gail Nurse Home Visitor 303-819-0858
Neubeiser, Renee Nutritionist 303-678-6250
Niemann, Melany Web Specialist 303-413-7575
Noel, Megan Health Planning & Evaluation Specialist 303-441-4553
Ordonez, Michele Health Educator 720-564-27409
Patrick, Liza Nurse-Family Partnership Coordinator 303-881-3778
Pearlman, Kyla Program Manager 303-441-1163
Perez, Alex (Alejandro) Program Specialist 303-413-7510
Post, Ryan Group Facilitator 303-413-7549
Ramirez, Ambar Parent Educator 303-413-7543
Ramirez, Aurora Administrative Technician 303-678-6064
Ratliff, Martha Addiction Recovery Staff 303-413-7500
Ray, Peggy Program Nurse 303-678-6173
Reavis, Dina Computer Services Coordinator 303-441-1181
Reddick, Spring Contracts Specialist 303-441-1510
Robles, Nick Bilingual Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1297
Rocca-Ruiz, Delia Administrative Technician 303-413-7553
Rodriguez, Dee Office Manager 303-678-6131
Scully, Sarah Program Coordinator 303-413-7502
Simons, Trena Quality Assurance Specialist 303-413-7502
Solberg, Shannon Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1564
Stewart, Natasha Program Nurse 303-678-6160
Stillwell, Rosa Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1146
Sutherlin, Ambra Business Sustainability Specialist 303-441-1310
Swank, Zach Environmental Health Lead 303-441-1143
Tomb, Collin Business Sustainability Specialist 303-441-1131
Tovar, Betty Public Health Nurse 303-413-7508
Trifilio, Tina GENESISTER Service Learning Specialist 303-441-6139
Villalobos, Nataly Health Educator 303-678-6130
Wallis, Christopher Environmental Health Specialist 303-441-1149
Wicar, Kate Public Health Nurse 303-678-6173
Wilkinson, Jane Trainer/Evaluator 303-413-7501
Wilson, Tracy Nurse Home Visitor 303-921-9019
Wright, Kim Group Facilitator 303-413-7546
Young, Kristina Lab Administrative Technician 303-413-7426
Zayach, Jeff Executive Director 303-441-1456
Faltynski, Mary GENESIS Coordinator 303-678-6155
Hatten, Megan Director of Administrative Services 303-441-1142
Mendoza, Lourdes GENESISTER Parent Specialist 303-678-7696
Morquecho, Katia Healthy Futures Coalition Youth Advisor 303-413-7547
Abajo-Torrijos, Leticia WIC Program Educator 303-413-7547
Copeland, Cindy Air Quality Specialist 303-441-1242
Mitchell, Chris Public Health Nurse 303-859-0859
Grimm, Denise Business Sustainability Advisor 303-441-1562
Bayley, Allison Community Substance Abuse Prevention Program Manager 303-413-7544
Guenther, Tina Administrative Technician III 303-413-7504
Mercke, Nickie Water Quality & Hazardous Waste Specialist 303-441-1332
Hauswirth, Heather Farm-to-Early Care & Education 303-413-7534
Russell, Toby Business Sustainability Advisor 303-441-3515
Vega, Beatriz Bilingual Vital Records Technician/Reception 303-441-1100
Bagheera, Anja Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitor 303-489-6329
Stinson, Kaylan Regional Epidemiologist II 303-413-7531
Escobar, Daniella GENESISTER Youth Specialist 303-413-7542
Hintch, Kelli Health Planning & Evaluation Manager 303-441-1167
Schroer, Audrey Community Substance Abuse Program 303-413-7547
Wallace, Lisa OASOS Youth Specialist 303-678-6168
Elkins, Heather Breastfeeding Friendly Environment Program Specialist 303-413-7514
Henriques, Alice Substance Use Early Intervention Specialist 303-413-7546
Campbell, Chris Emergency Management Planner 303-413-7546
Gellert, Rachel OASOS Program Specialist 303-678-6168
Sifuentes-Fernandez, Reina Division Support 303-441-1150
Bridges, Nadine Community Health Division Manager 303-413-7529
French, Elizabeth Business Sustainability Team Lead 303-441-1217
Evanoff, Madeline Harm Reduction Specialist 303-413-7552
Marshall, Heather Epidemiologist 303-413-7552
Hardie, Tom Business Sustainability Advisor 303-413-7552
Knight, Tate Mosquito Control QA Specialist 303-413-7552
Payne, Emily Epidemiologist 303-441-1329
Zamboni Vergara, Natalia GENESISTER Program Specialist 303-441-1329
Brouns, Kenda Accountant I 303-441-1153
Hiatt, Susan Accounting Supervisor 303-413-7582
Fontanini, Stephanie Environmental Health Support 303-441-1190
Ayala, Selena Community Substance Abuse Prevention Program Youth Advisor 303-441-1190
Cannon, Laura Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse 303-441-1190
Carpenter, Sarah Policy Researcher 303-441-1190
Davis, Sheila Health Equity Coordinator 303-441-1335
Lincoln, Adam CSAP Youth Advisor 303-441-1335
Perez-Antillon, Citalli CSAP Youth Advisor 303-441-1335
Smith, Gretchen TEPP Program Specialist 303-413-7524
Bolster, Angie Immunization Nurse 303-413-7527
Hale, Megan NFP Mental Health Coordinator 720-879-2294
Bullard, Jordan Site Project & Vital Records Program Manager 303-441-1166
Chaparro-Temu, Reyna Vital Records/Front Desk 303-441-1166
Barron, Maryel Contracts Administrator 303-441-1142
Lyon, Hayley EH Support Staff 303-441-1563
Elmore, Rory Air Quality Specialist/Inspector 303-441-1196
Sonoda, Soda Lead Epidemiologist II 303-441-1196
Sandoval, Amanda Personnel Specilist/Payroll Coordinator 303-441-1196
Nolen, Lexi Deputy Director 303-441-1196
Babatsikos, Georgia Harm Reduction Program Manager 303-441-1196
Rawls, Keith Interim Immunization Program Coordinator 303-441-1196
Freeman, Rachel Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership 303-441-1196
McPherson, Caitlin Communities that Care Program Youth Advisor 303-441-1196
Simental, Angela Bilingual Public Relations Specialist 303-441-1196

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