Level 2 Fire Restrictions in effect for western areas of Boulder County. No fireworks, fires, open flame, or shooting (see map and flyer).

Many County services are being offered online. Additionally, a variety of resources are available for those impacted by COVID-19.

Public Infrastructure
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Public Infrastructure Rehabilitation

More than 17 inches of rain fell in various parts of Boulder County in September of 2013. Before the rains stopped, Boulder County staff and other agencies began to assess the damage and worked diligently to get the county back on its feet.

The effect of the storm on residents of Boulder County and its damage to infrastructure was enormous and widespread. Approximately 121 miles of roadway was damaged or completely destroyed, more than 30 bridges were damaged or washed away, and countless culverts were in need of repair or replacement. In addition to public structures, approximately 171 private bridges and culverts were damaged or destroyed.

Complete, permanent repairs of all transportation infrastructure is likely to continue through 2019, but construction efforts will bring Boulder County back and make it more resilient than ever.

The links above provide information on past, current, and future work. If you have any specific questions, send an email or call 303-441-3900.