Boulder County Wildfire Mitigation Group

Boulder County Wildfire Mitigation Group

As a response to the 1989 The Black Tiger Fire, Boulder County agencies and individuals formed the Boulder County Wildfire Mitigation Group (BCWMG).

Objectives and Roles

BCWMG’s objectives include:

  • Facilitating communication between all parties with an interest in wildfire mitigation
  • Coordinating actions amongst the parties that could help minimize loss of life and property from future wildfires
  • Acting cooperatively in addressing the issues by working together in effective partnerships

BCWMG is part of a local working group of several larger state-wide organizations and efforts, including:

  • Office of Emergency Management
  • State Hazards Committee – Wildfire Hazard Subcommittee
  • Red Zone Initiative Appropriate M.O.U.’s
  • Agreements
  • Operating Plans

Participating Members

The group is headed by the Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator and members consist of representatives from:

  • County Commissioners
  • Land Use
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Sheriff Departments
  • Colorado State Forest Service
  • USDA Forest Service
  • National Park Service
  • Various local Fire Protection Districts
  • City of Boulder Fire Department
  • American Red Cross
  • Representatives from the insurance, real estate, and forest industry
  • Private citizens

Programs and Projects

BCWMG and its various committees and work groups take on numerous projects and have been recognized for their inter-agency approach.

Projects/Programs include:

  • Development of a Wildfire Hazard Identification and Mitigation System Wildfire Hazard Identification and Mitigation System for mapping fire hazards
  • Support of the Boulder County Ecosystem Cooperative Fire Mitigation/Forest Health/Restoration Projects such as the Winiger Ridge Ecosystem Pilot Project
  • Developing Mitigation Grants to assist homeowner associations and fire districts with their fire mitigation efforts
  • Creation of the Boulder County Chipping Reimbursement Program to subsidize costs of chipping and to aid in slash collection and disposal
  • Coordinating Prescribed Fire programs amongst the various fire management entities within Boulder County (Boulder County Wildland Fire Cooperators; Forest Management)
  • Education and outreach programs, including sponsoring Student Conservation Association Fire Education Corps Teams. Developing brochures and information videos and having displays for the Boulder County Fair and other events
  • Encouraging participation in wildfire-related conferences, workshops and symposia such as Colorado Mitigation and Wildfire Conference and the Boulder Wildland Fire Symposium
  • Supporting fuel reduction work through the use of Fire Mitigation Crews and AmeriCorps crews
  • Assisting in Land Use Reviews and Urban/Wildland Interface Code development to encourage FireWise development
  • Installation of Wildfire Danger Rating Signs at the entrance of major canyons


The group meets monthly. Agendas are distributed and minutes are kept for each meeting and action items are developed and implemented using group consensus.

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