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2013 Election

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2013 Results and Information

The 2013 Coordinated Election was held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

Election Results:

  • Official Election Results — PDF document showing the election results by contest and voter turnout by precinct as last updated on the website.
  • Statement of Votes – PDF version — Most comprehensive election report, which includes precinct by precinct results.
  • Statement of Votes – Excel version — Most comprehensive election report, which includes precinct by precinct results.
  • Cumulative Results Report — Summary report that shows top-line data for each contest including: active voters, total ballots, total votes, total under and over votes and the number of precincts a contest covered.
  • Canvass Documents — These are the reports related to the certification of the election, including the post-election audit and reconciliation report and any related documents.
    • The audit is a post-election quality assurance procedure that ensures the accuracy of the machine tally of votes.
    • The reconciliation report summarizes the process that provides the evidence for the Canvass Board to certify that the number of votes counted is equal to or less than the number of ballots cast and that the number of ballots cast is equal to or less than the number of eligible voters. This document also includes the certification of election statement.
  • Voter Turnout Map — PDF document containing Boulder County voter turnout and election results map by precinct, for select contests from the 2013 Coordinated Election.

Election Information:

  • Complete Ballot Content for Boulder County voters — English Version and Spanish Version – This is the full listing of all content that appeared on Boulder County ballots in the Coordinated Election in 2013. Ballots vary by precinct, so no single ballot included all of the candidates and issues listed.
  • Superior Town Center Metropolitan District Ballot Content — PDF document containing all of the ballot details and issues for these special districts.
  • TABOR Notice — This notice is mailed by Boulder County to each address with one or more active, registered voters whose ballots include at least one TABOR ballot issue.
  • Official Notice of Election — As required by state law, this official notice of election was published in 2013 in both the Daily Camera and Longmont Times-Call.
  • State Ballot Information Booklet — Voters receive this booklet in the mail. It is produced and mailed by the State of Colorado and contains information on statewide issues.
  • Daily Mail Ballot Return Data — The ballots received and processed chart displays mail ballot returns throughout the election cycle, beginning approximately two weeks before Election Day. If a date is not listed, either no ballot processing took place that day or no significant ballot processing took place that day. Numbers may differ from final election results due to 8-day final processing of military/overseas ballots and ballot resolution.
  • Special District and Public Improvement District Measures — Two public improvement districts and five special districts coordinated with Boulder County for the Coordinated Election in 2013. Public Improvement and Special district elections have slightly different voter eligibility rules. Here is an explanation and some maps.
  • Pre-election Logic and Accuracy (LAT) Test Reports — These reports and related documents outline the testing procedures completed prior to conducting an election.

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