Colorado Meth Data

Meth Data

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the abuse of recreational drugs such as methamphetamine. In Colorado, the number of methamphetamine lab busts has increased from 31 in 1998 to 454 in 2002 (13 in Boulder County).

These labs have significant health impacts to all of our local communities.

  • Police estimate that 1 out of 10 Meth Labs are busted.
  • For every 1 pound of Methamphetamine, 5 pounds of waste are produced. Busted labs have gross chemicals removed by the police.
  • Cleanup of residues are the responsibly of the owner.
  • Meth labs can be found in rental properties, garages, cars, even in boxes.
  • Meth waste can be found dumped along roadways, behind homes, even in gullies along hiking trails.

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