Methamphetamine Lab Prevention

Methamphetamine Lab Prevention

We can all take steps to help curb the meth problem before it enters our community.

Property Managers

Property managers can prepare themselves for the best possible renters by:

  • Conducting criminal background checks to identify potential problems with renters.
  • Speaking with neighbors once the property is rented.
  • Checking in from time to time to look for unusual activity.


Prospective homebuyers can make sure their homes are a healthy, meth-free investment by:

  • Researching a property’s history before purchasing.
  • Using Boulder County Public Health as a resource: 303-441-1564.

Property Owners

If you are recovering your property from meth contamination, you can make sure no one is exposed to future health risks by:

When it comes to meth contamination, with its significant short- and long-term health impacts, prevention is always the best approach.

Meth Lab Brochure for Property Owners

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