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Smoke-Free Housing

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Secondhand smoke has no boundaries and can drift between units in a multi-unit dwelling through cracks in drywall, open windows, ventilation systems, and even plumbing. Secondhand smoke is more than a nuisance and individuals with chronic health conditions, older adults, pregnant women, and children are particularly at risk for health complications from exposure. Adopting a smoke-free policy is the only way to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing.

A Smoke-Free Policy Will

  • Save money: cleaning and repairing a unit where smoking occurred can cost 2 to 3 times more.
  • Protect property: there are over 7,500 smoking-related fires in residential buildings every year.
  • Attract residents: 87% of Coloradans have adopted smoke-free rules for their home, almost 90% of Boulder County adults don’t smoke, and many prefer smoke-free environments.
  • Ensure health: up to 65% of air can recirculate to other units in a multi-unit building. Even small exposures can cause health complications. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Tools & Resources to Help with Policy Implementation

no smoking within 25 feet of any buildingsign: welcome to our smoke-free propertysign: smoking in designated areas only


Since secondhand smoke can travel throughout a building from several entry points, the Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership encourages residents to keep a log of where and when they experience secondhand smoke drift and communicate with management about what they’ve been experiencing and how exposure it is affecting them. Remember, smoke-free living does not require people to quit smoking, it provides protections to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. A documentation log can help start a conversation with management to help find a solution. Finding solutions and remedies can sometimes take time, but starting a dialogue with management is usually the first step.

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