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Non-Recyclable Materials

Items That Are Not Recyclable

Boulder County does not accept all materials for recycling. Many of the paper items listed here should be thrown away. Other items listed can be composted.

Paper Items for Disposal

  • Sheets of address labels or stickers (throw away)
  • Kraft or Tyvek envelopes (reuse, then throw away)
  • Pet food/charcoal/fertilizer bags (throw away)
  • Frozen food container boxes (throw away)
  • Carbon paper (throw away)
  • Photographs (throw away)

Paper Items for Composting

  • Wrapping & tissue paper (compost)
  • Facial tissues/napkins (compost)
  • Waxed paper (compost)
  • Paper towels/plates/cups (compost – if uncoated paper)
  • “Neon” fluorescent or dark-colored paper (compost)

Containers and Other Items for Disposal

If these items are not reusable or are broken, please throw them in the trash.

  • Drink pouches/straws (throw away)
  • Ceramics (throw away)
  • Vases (throw away)
  • Dishes (throw away)
  • Drinking glasses (throw away)
  • Light bulbs (throw away). Fluorescent tubes, including CFLs (compact fluorescent light), are recyclable
  • Mirrors (throw away)
  • Window or auto glass (throw away)
  • Empty Plastic motor oil bottles (throw away)
  • Plastic bags (throw away). If bags are clean, dry, and empty they can be recycled at most grocery stores or at Eco-Cycle’s CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials)

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