SepticSmart: Property Transfer

Property Transfer

Executive Order Temporarily Amending Property Transfer Regulations

Due to the condition of many of the roads and bridges as a result of the September 2013 flooding in Boulder County, inspectors are not able to access many properties currently in the process of being sold, and it may be months before access is restored. To accommodate this, Boulder County Onsite Wastewater System (OWS) Regulations – Property Transfer Certificates – have been temporarily amended to facilitate the sale of properties that cannot be readily accessed by inspectors and septic tank pumpers. Buyers are required to have their OWS inspected by a licensed engineer or NAWT inspector and make any necessary repairs within 90 days of the sale date.

Property Transfer Regulation

As part of the SepticSmart Program, and following several years of public input, the Boulder County Board of Health adopted a property transfer regulation in February 2008, that went into effect on September 1, 2008.

The septic transfer regulation requires that all homes in Boulder County have an adequately operating and approved septic system for the number of bedrooms at the time of sale or purchase of the home, or a written agreement that the buyer will make any needed repairs within 90 days.

Just like inspecting a roof or electrical system, buyers and sellers will need to make sure the septic system is in good working condition, has been inspected, and meets current and approved Boulder County standards.

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