Substance Use/Abuse Classes & Evaluations
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Substance Use/Abuse Classes & Evaluations

The Community Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Program offers classes for teens and adults. Different levels of classes are provided. Clients are assessed using an evidence-based screening tool.

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Community Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) offers early intervention support for individuals who need help with alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment)

This is a one-on-one intervention lasting 30 to 50 minutes. The focus is on determining an individual’s risk related to their substance use and raising awareness about substance use and its consequences. The intervention aims to motivate individuals towards positive change and to think differently about their use. High-risk users are provided with referrals to appropriate treatment. Cost: $75


This program consists of a 50 minute small group discussion led by a counselor followed by a 50 minute individual session 1-2 weeks following the group. Participants discuss their substance use patterns, risks, and harm-reduction strategies. The group session may be offered as an individual session at the discretion of the counselor. Cost: $140


This program consists of 2, one-hour individual sessions with a counselor. The program is designed to assist participants in examining their own substance use behavior by reviewing their alcohol and drug consumption patterns, history, and related issues. The counselor provides personalized feedback and helps the participant to plan for ways to reduce future health, social, and legal risks. Cost: $140


This class consists of four individual sessions with a counselor. Participants discuss their substance use, consequences to use, and develop strategies to reduce risky use. Cost $295


Drinking as Responsible Mature Adults (DARMA) is a 12-hour class that meets over 6 weeks. This program is for non-dependent drinkers in which participants monitor their daily alcohol use with a goal of moderation. It is designed to assist participants in examining their substance use behavior by reviewing their alcohol and drug consumption patterns, history, and related issues. BASICS 3 may be substituted for DARMA, depending on the number of participants. Cost: $295

Clinical Substance Use Evaluation

During an evaluation a counselor will gather and review the participant’s substance use and bio-psychosocial history. They will look at the full picture of the participant’s life, including aspects that protect them from harm and those that can create risk. Formal assessment tools are used, including those that help to identify mental health diagnoses. Findings and recommendations are provided in a written report. Cost: $250

Registration & Payment

Please register by clicking on the orange Register button above. Payment is due at the time of the first class. Cash, check, and Visa/MasterCard are accepted. There is an additional fee for payment via credit card.

Participants must be on time to all sessions. Anyone more than five minutes late will not be permitted to enter the sessions and will be responsible for re-registering and paying the additional registration fee.

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