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Definitions of Food Safety Terms

Mobile Food Establishment

A retail food establishment that reports to and operates from a commissary and is readily moveable; is a motorized wheeled vehicle; or a towed, wheeled vehicle designed and equipped to serve food.

Potentially Hazardous Foods

Foods that are capable of supporting the rapid and progressive growth of infectious and toxin-producing microorganisms. These foods usually have high protein and moisture content and low acidity. Potentially hazardous foods include, but are not limited to meat and meat products, dairy and dairy products, cooked foods, and some fresh produce (cut melons, cut tomatoes, sprouts).

Retail Food Establishment

A retail operation that stores, prepares, or packages food for human consumption. This food may be consumed on or off the premises. See the food safety exceptions.


Selling prepackaged products to retail facilities. If you are considering preparing, packaging and selling a product at the wholesale level, please visit the [LINK]Colorado Division of Wholesale.[/LINK]

Processed Foods

Foods that undergo slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping, cooking, mixing, grinding, smoking, drying, packaging, canning or other procedures that alter the food from its original state. Mixed greens, honey, and salsa are examples of processed foods. Agricultural product sold in its raw harvested state is not considered processed.

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