Housing Rehabilitation

Housing Rehabilitation

Housing rehabilitation services are available for residents in the City of Boulder and Boulder County, excluding Longmont which has its own program.
View our information sheet to find out what we can and cannot help with. It will also explain the process from when you send in the application. If interested fill out this application.

Repair Programs assistance is provided in the form of a low-interest loan, and is prioritized to eliminate health and safety issues, correct code violations and make the home more energy efficient. Mobile homes are not eligible for the General Repair Program unless they are set on a permanent foundation and homeowner owns the land underneath the mobile home.

General Repair Programs:

  • Improvements up to $24,999
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Plumbing Upgrades
  • New Roofing, Flooring and Windows
  • Energy efficiency upgrades

Mobile Home Repairs:

A grant program designed to help homeowners fix problems such as roofing, plumbing, heating, electrical, energy conservation improvements up to $7,500. Assistance is provided in the form of a grant, but does require the owner to continue to live in the home for 2 years after the work is completed. For mobile homes within the Boulder city limits only.

Interested applicants must reside within Boulder County in order to apply to the Housing Rehabilitation program.

Income Requirements:

Program 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person
Low interest loan $46,100 $52,650 $59,250 $65,800 $71,100 $76,350
Mobile home $34,800 $39,800 $44,750 $49,750 $53,700 $57,700

If you have questions about the Housing Rehabilitation Program please contact at 720-864-6401 or To apply for Housing Rehabilitation, please complete the application and submit it by fax, email or mail.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

Phone: 720-864-6401
Fax: 303-441-1523
Mail: PO Box 471
Boulder CO 80304

Is this program for owners and renters?

No, this program is for homeowners who must be living in the home and be the only names on the deed/title of the home.

How do you determine income?

We must have documentation of what a household’s gross monthly income is which includes taxes and everything. Pay check stubs, ledgers, income tax returns, benefit letters are example of proof that can be used. We project forward income for a year and the limits go up with each additional person in the household.

What constitutes a household?

Anyone living in the home including renters is part of the household and their income must be considered as well.

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