Harassment & Violence at School
harassment at school

Harassment & Violence at School

What You Can Do

If you are verbally or physically attacked at school, or you are threatened or otherwise harassed, you may want to report it to staff.

If you do, choose the person you expect to be the most respectful, whether that is a security guard, a particular teacher, or another adult you trust.

  • Look for a “Safe Zone” poster in school classrooms or offices. This is a good sign that the staff person is someone you can talk to.

What Schools Can Do

Schools can and should make changes to protect you from harassment. Some changes that schools have made, and which you can request, include:

  • Assigning an adult to the particular place and time of day that harassment is the worst.
  • Allowing you to use a faculty bathroom, because the student bathroom is unsafe.
  • Changing the offenders’ class (the class you share).
  • Barring the offenders from finishing the season (if they are your teammates).
  • Having an in-service workshop for teachers to learn how to intervene.
    (If you are a teacher or administrator you can request a presentation online.)
  • Warning Mr. or Ms. X (the staff person who has witnessed the bullying in silence) that if they don’t intervene, they will be disciplined.
  • Allowing you to drop the class in which the bullying is happening or to be given home-study assignments so you can finish it safely.

If the adult to whom you go is not supportive, or if they don’t take action, consider involving your parent or guardian or another trusted adult from outside the school.

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