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Addiction Recovery Services: Meth

Detox & Outpatient Services

Boulder County Public Health provides 24-hour inpatient detox services for methamphetamines, as well as long-term outpatient assistance.

Addiction Recovery Center
3470 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302
24-Hour Phone: 303-441-1281
Daytime Phone: 303-441-1275

Inpatient Detox Program

303-441-1281 (24 Hours)

The Inpatient Detox Program provides safe detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a 20-bed facility. Located at the Addiction Recovery Center, it is the only non-medical detox located in Boulder County.

Clients receive support and guidance throughout their stay, and every client is given a referral for ongoing care. Detox staff provides:

  • Individualized monitoring for safe detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Assessment for counseling needs.
  • Information and education on alcohol and drugs.
  • Case management and referral for medical, housing, legal, and employment services.

Outpatient Programs


The Outpatient Program promotes healthy lifestyles through a wide array of services for anyone experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs. Our counselors are highly trained, certified professionals who work with each client to create individualized care plans. Outpatient services include:

  • Intake and assessment to determine needs and level of services.
  • Treatment and counseling for individuals, groups, and families.
  • Court-ordered substance abuse evaluations (for indigent clients only).
  • Monitoring through breathalyzers and antabuse.
  • Psychiatric evaluations, evaluations for medications, and medication monitoring for clients in the program.
  • Information and referral to other treatment resources in the community.

Clients may receive services that range from short-term counseling to long-term, enhanced outpatient treatment. The Outpatient Program also works with the community to create strong, ongoing support systems for clients.

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