Special Connections Program

About Special Connections

The Special Connections Program has been in place since 1992 in Colorado in response to child welfare, law enforcement, and the medical community’s concern for the surge in the number of babies born who tested positive for cocaine at birth.

Today, more information is available about the longer-term effects of prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. Newer approaches to care include recognition of the important role of trauma in the lives of women with addictions, as well as practical solutions to problems of daily living, such as scheduling and including significant others and family members in the treatment process.

Program Goals

  • To produce a healthy infant
  • To maintain the family unit, with mother, infant, and other family members
  • To promote and assure a safe child-rearing environment for the newborn and other children
  • To reduce or stop the substance using behavior of the pregnant woman during and after the pregnancy

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently pregnant
  • History of abuse or dependence on alcohol and/or drugs before or during pregnancy

Special Connections Referral Form

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