Road Closures - Cyclists

Cycling Restriction in Lefthand Canyon Extend from U.S. 36 to Hwy 72 Continue Through May 1

Lefthand Canyon from U.S. 36 to the Peak to Peak Highway and James Canyon from Lefthand Canyon to Balarat Road will be closed to cyclist 7 days per week until May 1 while crews remove major debris hazards from the area and continue road construction.

What:   Lefthand Canyon and James Canyon temporarily closed to cyclists 7
 days per week.
When:   Beginning April 4 - May 1
Who:   Cyclists
Where:   Lefthand Canyon from U.S. 36 to Peak to Peak Highway and James Canyon from
 Lefthand Canyon to Balarat Road

In order to expedite the hazardous debris removal by a May 1 deadline, and to mitigate a safety risk, we are asking cyclists to respect the temporary restrictions. We are also asking motorists to avoid the canyons unless travel is necessary.

Cycling Guidelines

  • If your primary mode of transportation is by bicycle and you live in an access restricted area, Carla Weinheimer with the Sheriff's Department located at 5600 Flatiron Parkway, Boulder, is distributing "Bike Resident Access Cards" which allows you legal access to the restricted road. Note: These are not available for Longmont Dam Rd.
  • On open roads be aware of possible debris on the side of the road (gravel, sand, branches) that has not been cleaned up.
  • Please adhere to road closures - these roads are closed because they are unsafe for travel.

List of Roads & Road Segments Closed to Recreational Cyclists

Road Name From To Jurisdiction Phone
County Rd Bella Vta S 96th St Louisville 303-666-6565 Emergency & Road Maintenance Only.
Cypress Dr 55th St Sycamore City of Boulder 303-413-7100 No Bridge Access.
Dillon US 287 east of rock creek Boulder County 303-441-3928 No Bridge Access. 
East County Line Rd
Quicksilver Rd SH 119 Boulder County 303-441-3928 No Bridge Access.
Geer Canyon (Photo) Lefthand Canyon end of road Boulder County 303-441-3928 Emergency & Road Maintenance Only.
Gregory Canyon Rd Flagstaff Rd end of road City of Boulder 303-413-7100 Emergency & Road Maintenance Only.
Gross Dam Rd Flagstaff Rd SH 72 Boulder County 303-441-3928 Resident cyclists allowed.
Closed to recreational cycling.
Hawthorne Ave 4th St end of road City of Boulder 303-413-7100 Resident access allowed
Longmont Dam Rd (Photo) US 36 end of road Boulder County 303-441-3928 Closed.
Extensive road damage and washouts.
Millionaires Dr Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Boulder County 303-441-3928 Closed.
N 51st St SH 66 Union Rd Boulder County 303-441-3928 Closed.
No access across bridge.
Old St Vrain SH 7 SH 7 Boulder County 303-441-3928 open, no through traffic, bridge it out
Overland Rd Peak to Peak Jamestown Boulder County 303-441-3928 Closed for Debris Removal
Pennsylvania Ave Dean Pl 7th St City of Boulder 303-413-7100 Emergency & Road Maintenance Only
Sunset St (Photo) Boston Donovan Longmont 303-651-8416 No access across washout in road.

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