County Budget

Annual Budget

Boulder County government assumes a variety of roles and carries out core responsibilities in order to help foster a vibrant, healthy, and active community.

Our annual budget process allows for the careful allocation of tax dollars to help with important county functions such as maintaining our well-traveled roads, conducting law and public safety services, providing housing counseling and elderly nutrition assistance, and working together to create visionary open space and land use policies.

2018 Recommended Budget (Proposed/Preliminary)

On Oct. 10, 2017, the Boulder County Budget Officer presented a 2018 Recommended Budget to the Board of County Commissioners (as required by state law on or prior to Oct. 15 of the year). The Board of County Commissioners will adopt a final 2018 budget on Dec. 12, 2017. See additional details on the budget schedule.

2017 Budget (Current Annual Budget)

The final 2017 Budget was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on Dec. 13, 2016.

Interested in learning more about Financial Reporting for Boulder County? Visit our Financial Reporting & Data page.

Property Tax Revenue

The Treasurer’s Office collects taxes for all taxing districts in the county, including Boulder County government, school districts, cities, fire districts, water and sanitation districts, and other special districts, and distributes the monies to those districts. The State of Colorado collects sales tax revenue.

Boulder County retains a little more than one-quarter of all property taxes. Property taxes are distributed as follows (also, see chart below):

  • School Districts (55%)
  • Boulder County Government (26%)
  • Cities & Towns (11%)
  • Special Districts (8%)

Current expenditure budget:

2017 Budget Expenditures

  • Public Safety/Judicial
  • Transportation & Capital Building Projects
  • Health & Human Services / Economic Development
  • General Government
  • Debt Services
  • Conservation/Sustainability

Where do my property taxes go?

Property Tax Distribution

  • Boulder County Government
  • School Districts
  • Cities & Towns
  • All Other Taxing Districts (e.g., water districts, utility districts, fire districts, etc.)

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