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County Ordinances

County Ordinances

Every attempt has been made to ensure that information posted to this site is accurate and complete; however, to confirm the current true and correct copy of any ordinance as adopted and amended, please contact the office listed for the specific ordinance.

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Ordinance (Alphabetical) Full Name of Ordinance Office & Contact
Adult Entertainment Ordinance
Ordinance limiting the operation of adult entertainment establishments Land Use Department
Animal Control Ordinance
An ordinance repealing ordinance no. 2012-6, and amending and reenacting these rules and regulations governing animal control. Sheriff’s Office
Burn Permit Ordinance
An ordinance concerning the open burn permit system, notification process of open burns, and restrictions during red flag days, high wind watch days and high wind warning days Sheriff’s Office
Clean Up Of Illegal Methamphetamine Laboratories
An ordinance establishing guidelines and regulations for clean-up of methamphetamine labs Public Health
Erin Dodge (email)
Construction-Related Stormwater Discharge
An ordinance pursuant to c.r.s. section 30-15-401(11) regulating construction-related stormwater discharge (to be incorporated into amendments to articles 7-904 and 18 of the Boulder County Land Use Code per docket dc-12-0006) Transportation Department
Chad Schroeder
False Alarm Ordinance
Repealed #2012-1
An ordinance pertaining to the regulation of false alarms in unincorporated Boulder County. Repealed may 5, 2012 Sheriff’s Office
Open Fire Ban Authorization Ordinance
Ordinance authorizing the Board of County Commissioners or county sheriff to declare a ban on open fires Sheriff’s Office
Illicit Stormwater Discharge
An ordinance concerning illicit stormwater discharge Public Health
Mosquito Control Ordinance
An ordinance assessing the cost of the county’s mosquito control area against those persons especially benefited by the service Public Health
Noise Ordinance
An ordinance pertaining to the regulation of noise on public and private property Sheriff’s Office
Parking Enforcement Ordinance
An ordinance pertaining to the enforcement of parking restrictions on county property within incorporated city limits of Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
Short-Term Dwelling Rentals and Vacation Rentals
#2020-1 (adopted 12/3/2020)
An ordinance for the licensing of short-term dwelling rentals (STDR) and vacation rentals within the unincorporated area of Boulder County.
Memo providing background on short-term dwelling & vacation rentals.
Community Planning & Permitting
Smoking Ordinance
NEW Draft 2021
#2021-01 DRAFT
Governor Polis signed into law HB 19-1076, effective on July 1, 2019, which amended the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (the “Act”), C.R.S. §§ 25-14-201-209, that regulates smoking in most indoor areas open to the public, in public meetings, in food service establishments, and in places of employment. The Act authorizes local authorities to enact, adopt, and enforce smoking regulations that cover the same subject matter as the Act, so long as the local regulations are no less stringent than the Act.Ordinance 2021-1 amends and replaces the previous Boulder County smoke-free ordinance, 2004-2 in order to make Boulder County’s smoke-free regulations consistent with, and at least as stringent as, the Colorado Indoor Clean Air Act.Ordinance 2021-1 aims to regulate and prohibit smoking and electronic smoking device use in certain indoor and outdoor public places in order to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Boulder County.

Public Health Staff believes that this Ordinance is both proper under the Colorado Indoor Clean Air Act and related statutes, and necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Boulder County against the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke.


An ordinance prohibiting smoking in public places and places of employment in unincorporated Boulder County Public Health
Traffic Code
An ordinance for the regulation of traffic; the 2010 edition of the “model traffic code” repeals all ordinances in conflict therewith Sheriff’s Office
Waste Hauler Licensing Ordinance
#2019-3 updates the Commercial Recycling Compost Aggregates section and repeals and replaces Waste Hauler Ordinance #2016-01
An ordinance for the licensing of those in the business of collecting and transporting discarded materials within unincorporated Boulder County Administrative Services,
Resource Conservation Division