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April 26, 2018

Boulder County and the City of Boulder promote a renewable way to heat and cool homes


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Media Contacts:

Alexis Bullen, City Climate Communications, 303-441-1878
Tyler Kesler, Boulder County Commissioners’ Office of Sustainability, 720-564-2724

As part of the launch, the city is live-streaming a local home tour on its Facebook page at 5:30 p.m. MST today

New program to assist with adoption of electric heat pump technology in Boulder County

Family on a couch enjoying new Comfort 365 energy benefit

The City of Boulder, in partnership with Boulder County’s EnergySmart service, is piloting a new initiative to support and incentivize homeowners to replace their fossil fuel-based appliances with cleaner, safer and more efficient electric cooling and heating systems in their homes. The new pilot, Comfort365, is another great offering within EnergySmart that supports residents in making their homes comfortable, affordable and environmentally friendly.

As part of the launch, the city is live-streaming a local home tour on its Facebook page at 5:30 p.m. MST today. Staff members and the homeowner will demonstrate how the technology works, speak to some of the benefits of heat pumps and answer viewer questions. The video will also be available for viewing following the live stream.

“The city has a responsibility to protect health, safety and welfare of our community –both now and over the long-term. It is now increasingly evident that the continued use of natural gas creates risks—both inside and outside our buildings and as one of the biggest contributors to global warming. We are excited to launch this program to support our residents who are ready to make the transition to renewable heating and cooling systems,” said city senior Climate and Sustainability coordinator Brett KenCairn.

The partnership between the City of Boulder and Boulder County's EnergySmart program is one of several strategies to rapidly accelerate the adoption of renewable heating and cooling systems. Currently, most homes in Boulder are dependent on non-renewable natural gas and many do not have summer cooling. Air source heat pumps are considered to be “renewable” heating and cooling systems because they do not create heat, but rather they move heat existing in the ambient air into your home. This process is powered by electricity, which can also be generated from renewable sources like solar or wind either on-site or at the grid level. While these systems can be expensive, EnergySmart advisors can help residents access a number of rebates (while funding lasts) to help these systems make more financial sense, particularly when combined with on-site solar. Electrifying homes is one of the big steps in supporting the community’s shared efforts to reduce our climate and local environmental impacts.

Comfort365 builds on a nationally organized decarbonization campaign for which Boulder was awarded grant funding through the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance. The funding supported the formation of a multi-city consortium and collaborative program development with major air-source heating and cooling companies. Boulder is leading the implementation of these efforts along with New York City, Burlington, Vermont, and Washington DC. In each city, programs are being launched to assist homeowners replacing their fossil fuel-based appliances with high-efficiency, renewable energy-ready heat pumps.

More information on the Comfort365 program can be found at

About the City of Boulder:

The City of Boulder’s Climate + Sustainability Division works to pioneer pathways and foster collaborative actions that achieve sustainable energy and resource use in the city organization and community. This work includes reducing the amount of energy used in Boulder through energy efficiency efforts and identifying local, renewable sources to improve community resilience and energy sustainability. For more information about the city’s ongoing climate and energy effort, including Boulder’s Climate Commitment, visit

About Boulder County's EnergySmart Program:

EnergySmart is Boulder County’s one-stop-shop service to help residents make their homes more comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Since 2011, over 17,000 homes in Boulder County have enrolled and taken advantage of this free advising service. The innovative one-on-one advisor model has been replicated across the country. EnergySmart has stimulated over $31M dollars in local investment and reduced an average of 14,000 metric tons of CO2 annually. EnergySmart is managed by Boulder County’s Sustainability Office and implemented by CLEAResult. More information can be found at