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October 22, 2018

Boulder County Commissioners condemn millions in late money backing Amendment 74

Boulder County Commissioners condemn brazen attempt by the industry to undermine essential functions of local government across our state

(Boulder County, Colo.) -- As spending by the oil and gas industry in support of the dangerous and deceptive Amendment 74 constitutional ballot measure hits an astonishing $10 million, Boulder County Commissioners condemned this brazen attempt by the industry to undermine essential functions of local government across our state.

“For years, the oil and gas industry has tried to undermine the efforts of local communities in Colorado to protect their homes and schools from unsafe drilling,” said Commissioner Elise Jones. “After many frustrating court battles against the industry and even our own state government, local governments across Colorado are facing a new threat. Oil and gas interests will attempt to use Amendment 74 to weaken or eliminate common health, safety, and zoning protections.”

“The oil and gas industry is pouring millions of dollars into this terrible proposed constitutional amendment aimed at disrupting our communities at a fundamental level,” said Commissioner Deb Gardner. “Each dollar spent underscores the industry’s adversarial approach to government and regulation. This industry likes to tell my constituents they are partners who wish to work with government regulators but its support of Amendment 74 show industry’s true colors.”

“I have little doubt that the oil and gas industry will attempt to use Amendment 74 to betray the basic values that make Colorado a great place to live,” said Commissioner Cindy Domenico. “No one knows the real effect of the amendment, but many people are concerned that it could bankrupt local governments and roll back the basic zoning and land use regulations that Coloradans take for granted. That’s why every responsible party in the state is urging a NO vote on Amendment 74.”