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September 13, 2017

Boulder County introduces new web-based portal to improve access to public records

Members of the public can use the new portal to submit a public
records request, track its status, and download responsive records related to the Colorado Open Records Act

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County has
partnered with GovQA to update the county’s system for processing public
records requests. Using this new software, county elected officials and staff
are pleased to be able to offer greater transparency of public documents and to
help improve access to records requested under the Colorado Open Records Act

With the new
web-based software portal in place, Boulder County staff can now more easily track
public records requests across multiple departments and elected offices,
standardize records processing, and make these records available to anyone
through the main county website: (search term: “CORA”).

“In this age of
frequently-requested information, Boulder County wants to make sure we are
providing the best in public service and making it easy for residents to access
the public records they want,” said County Attorney Ben Pearlman.

The new website allows
requesters to submit a public records request online, track its progress, and
receive updates by email. The requestor can also communicate with staff
regarding their request and download electronic records that others have
requested. Lastly, the website provides a searchable archive of previously
released requests and documents.

The system is
set-up to accept uploaded documents and to allow for requestors to search the
archive for frequently-asked OR unique “one-off” requests. In either case,
requestors are encouraged to first search the archive to find answers that may
have already been addressed through a CORA request.

“We are pleased to
be able to offer a new system that makes public records requests easier to
submit and allows us to respond more quickly to these requests,” said Boulder
County Board of Commissioners chair Deb Gardner. “Our staff is committed to
providing timely and open access to public records, and we believe this system
will help them interact even better with members of our community who elect to
use this service.”

Screenshot of CORA Web Portal Page

Note: Frequently
asked questions
about CORA and related costs (if any) for processing
records is addressed on the county’s new CORA website.
The Colorado Open Records Act is regulated by Colorado Revised Statutes and is
subject to change by state legislative action.