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July 8, 2016

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Credit card skimming devices found at a Superior gas station

Two devices were located inside of pay-at-the-pump consoles at the Superior Conoco.

Superior, Colo. - Last night, during routine pump maintenance at a Conoco gas station, two credit card skimming devices were discovered. The credit card skimmers were fully contained inside the pay-at-the-pump consoles, with no external indication that the pumps had been compromised with a skimming device. Unlike most credit card skimming devices found on gas pumps, ATMs, and other publicly accessible credit card reader stations, these skimming devices were placed behind the locked panel, which is only accessible by key. It has not been determined how long the skimming devices had been in place, or how many credit or debit cards could have potentially been compromised.

The Conoco gas station is located at 122 W. Maple Street. All of the pay-at-the-pump consoles have been examined and only two pumps were found to have been compromised. Both skimming devices have been seized as evidence. Anyone who has used a pay-at-the-pump console at this gas station should closely scrutinize their bank and credit card statements and give strong consideration to requesting replacement credit and debit cards. If fraudulent transactions are discovered after a pay-at-the-pump purchase at this Conoco, a report should be filed with a deputy by contacting (303) 441-4444.

Anyone with information related to the placement of these credit card skimming devices is asked to contact Detective Chris Fiegel at (303) 441-4763. If anyone has information but would like
to remain anonymous, please contact Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at
1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or visit their website at
Those who provide information leading to the identification of a
suspect could be eligible to receive a reward of up to $1,000.

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/s/ Cmdr. Mike Wagner

Public Information Officer