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May 23, 2018

Reminder: Agriculture Outreach Survey responses due May 31

Please take the survey to share information about your specific needs as a Boulder County farmer

As part of Boulder County’s Agriculture Outreach Project, county staff has prepared a survey to gather information from the local farming community.

If you are a current or prospective agricultural producer, please complete this survey to share information about your specific needs as a Boulder County farmer: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AgOutreachMay2018

If you have already taken the survey, we thank you! And please feel free to share this survey email with your fellow Boulder County farm community members.

This survey is the final step in our data gathering process (aside from ongoing conversations with farmers) prior to drafting proposed changes to the Land Use Code. The survey includes focused questions identified as important based on input from the recent meetings. The survey will help staff drill down to the greater level of detail needed to inform Land Use Code updates.

We strongly encourage as many members of the agricultural community as possible to take the survey (even if you already participated in recent meetings) so we have robust data to work with when drafting Land Use Code updates. We ask that you complete the survey by May 31.

We have attempted to make the survey as brief as possible, but some key information is needed to ensure the survey will inform effective Land Use Code changes. Please plan on spending about 20 minutes to complete the survey.

Summaries of the public meetings that have taken place as part of the project are available at the project website. Staff will draw on the valuable input provided at recent meetings, and through this survey, as we draft updates to Land Use regulations.

Land Use Staff will draft proposed changes to the Land Use Code this summer and will circulate draft language to our Agriculture Outreach Project update list and referral agencies for feedback in late August. During the fall the proposed Land Use Code amendments will go to public hearing before Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. Changes to the Building Code may be incorporated as well, as part of the Building Code’s regular update process scheduled for next year.

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