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February 24, 2016

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Update on Reported Animal Abuse

The investigation has been concluded and the abuse unfounded

Boulder County, Colo. - On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office was notified of an animal welfare complaint at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. The allegation involved the mistreatment of a horse at a public equine event. The incident was investigated by the Boulder County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Unit and Deputies with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office Parks and Open Space Unit.


During the investigation all involved parties were interviewed, along with the organizers of the event, fairgrounds staff and several independent witnesses. Animal Control Officers examined the horse and interviewed the veterinarian who was treating the horse. It was determined that the injury to the horse was caused by a roping steer striking the horse in the right hindquarter with its horn, causing a wound to the horse. A thorough inspection of the horse by Animal Control Officers, along with a licensed veterinarian, revealed no other injuries to the horse, either current or past. The mare was determined to be in good condition, and appeared to be well cared for.


Based on the results of this investigation it was determined there was not violation of any Colorado state law relating to the care and treatment of livestock, and no indication of mistreatment of the animal in question. At this time this allegation has been determined to be unfounded and this case is closed.


The case number for this incident is: 16-894