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June 15, 2016

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Update on the death investigation at the Boulder County Jail

The completion of the investigation into the death of Stephanie Anderson awaits the determination of the cause and manner of her death.

Boulder, Colo. - Sheriff's investigators have completed the bulk of their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of 29-year-old Stephanie Anderson at the Boulder County Jail on Friday, May 27. Over the course of the last few weeks investigators have interviewed approximately 80 witnesses, reviewed facility records, and have reviewed video footage within the jail. While there are a few witnesses that investigators are still trying to locate to interview, the completion of the investigation now hinges on the final determination as to the cause and manner of Ms. Anderson's death. The cause and manner of her death is determined by the Boulder County Coroner's Office and is expected to take several more weeks.

Given the sheriff's investigation cannot be completed until a cause and manner of death is determined by the coroner's office, additional information is not publicly releasable at this time. The sheriff's office has contacted Ms. Anderson's family through their attorney in order to provide an investigative update. Once the cause and manner of death is determined and the investigation is closed, the investigation will be made available to the public, including video footage from the jail.

For additional information related to Ms. Anderson's death, please refer to the prior media releases, which can be located at the sheriff's office webpage under the 'News & Information' page.

The associated case number to this investigation is 16-3037.

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/s/ Cmdr. Mike Wagner

Public Information Officer