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Land Through The Lens Photo Exhibit

Boulder County Parks & Open Space and the Boulder County Parks & Open Space Foundation are accepting submissions for a juried photography exhibit.

The submission deadline is August 1
The exhibit will be held October 13 through November 3

Land Through The Lens: A 2017 Photography Exhibit

Land Through The Lens is a chance to showcase beautiful photographs captured on Boulder County Parks & Open Space lands. The event is held every other year and is open to everyone. The event promotes the discovery, understanding and enjoyment of our parks and open space through the photographic celebration of the natural world.

How To Apply

Photographers can submit up to five photos for a $30 entry fee. The application deadline is August 1.
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The exhibit will be run October 13 through November 3 at The Great Frame Up – Longmont.

Photography Sessions

Rangers will lead sunrise, sunset, full moon and new moon photography sessions throughout the spring and summer.

Lazy Afternoon Paint & Photography Session

July 9 from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Walker Ranch


Early Morning Photography Session

July 22 from 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Anne U. White



Thanks to our sponsors for helping with the event.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Photographs must be of Boulder County Parks & Open Space lands.
  • Photographs of other open space lands, such as City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, or other natural areas, will not be considered.
  • The event is open to all living artists.
  • Photographers can submit up to five photographs to be considered for inclusion in the exhibit for a $30 entry fee. All proceeds benefit the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Foundation.
  • Prizes will be awarded.
  • Map of Recommended Areas
  • Complete Rules & Guidelines

Featured Photographers

Horses Walk by Robert Castellino

Robert Castellino

Robert Castellino is passionate about teaching photography and project based publishing. He has a unique ability to mold ideas, words and images into powerfully impassioned stories. Bob enjoys engaging students in exploring their passion for making photographs, and gently challenging them to improve their skills through a participative and interactive approach. Among his many photographic accomplishments through the years he is most highly regarded for writing, photographing and publishing five photographic story and guide books about Colorado. His latest book release is, “Colorado: Life and Light on the Land,”—a limited edition collectable.

Bob is an accomplished, versatile, creative and multifaceted professional. He taught photography and how to self-publish your dream book. He is founder of Climate Colorado and gave the TEDx Talk “Solving the Climate Crisis by Rapid Prototyping Solutions.” His photographs are collected by individuals, museums and businesses around the world.

In Flight by Craig Rademacher

Craig Rademacher

Craig Rademacher makes images that reflect the reality and remembered notions of the American West. His photographs capture the moments, spaces, and social situations that depict the American West as a cultural phenomenon as well as an ethos.

Craig Rademacher is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2012. In 2016 his image Modern Sparrow was awarded a best of show by the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles. His landscape image titled Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley was awarded a certificate of merit in the 2016 Epson International Pano Awards. His works have been exhibited in the following galleries:

  • The Wilding Museum of Art and Nature | Solvang, CA
  • 1650 Gallery & Studio | Los Angeles, CA
  • The Studio Door | San Diego, CA
  • Sangre de Cristo Arts Center | Pueblo, CO

Craig is a current member of the Professional Photographers of America and The Center for Fine Art Photographers in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Where the Fairies Play by David Silver

David Silver

David Silver photographs primarily as a contemplative practice and Zen art form, as taught by John Daido Roshi Loori, a student of Minor White. His work has been exhibited at Gallery 910 in Denver, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder Public Library, the Mercury Gallery in Boulder, the Dairy Center (Boulder County Parks and Open Space Exhibit), St. John’s Art Gallery, and Frasier Meadows, and has been published in Dharma Communications and Johns Hopkins University Press. His day job has been as an Emergency Medicine physician, international public health consultant and medical advocate.

David Silver has received the “Best in Show” prize at the last two “Land through the Lens, Photography featuring Boulder County Parks & Open Space” exhibits.

Walden Sunrise by Verdon Tomajko

Verdon Tomajko

Verdon Tomajko is a nature and wildlife photography living in Colorado. Having grown up in the mountains of Slovakia, he developed a fondness for all things involving nature and the wilderness. He loves to capture birds and animals showing unique behaviors, or showing common species in new perspectives. He also is passionate about finding challenging locations or animals to photograph. His work has been published locally and internationally, in over 30 countries. Verdon has been featured in numerous magazines, including National Geographic and The Smithsonian Institute. For Verdon, photography is a wonderful combination of all of his passions blended into one eternal art form.

Verdon Tomajko has received the “2nd Place” prize at the last two “Land through the Lens, Photography featuring Boulder County Parks & Open Space” exhibits.

Selection & Prize Jurors

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute’s BFA Photography program, where she began her career as a fine artist in the film and darkroom days, later moving on to filmmaking and editing for the U.S. Navy. She currently works in still photography, shooting for Alamy stock photography, and giving workshops on the art of iPhone photography.

Maureen is a world traveler and is passionate about photography as a medium of positive change. Her desire goes beyond capturing the physical world that surrounds us to capturing hearts and minds…and conveying the common values we all share. Her latest project, Kibera: A Slice of Heaven, has been published in, the Daily Mail, and has been exhibited world-wide. Maureen’s work has been exhibited internationally, from Inner Mongolia, China, to the prestigious Berlin Bienniale in 2016 and is in collections in New York, including Hamburg Kennedy Photographs and the Asia Society Museum.

Julie Cardinal

Julie Cardinal, owner of the DARKROOM, Fine Art Studio and Gallery in Longmont, CO is a lifelong photographer and dedicated to furthering the arts community in Longmont. The gallery focuses on fine-art photography, hosting well known, award winning photographers as well as discovering up and coming talent.

Ms. Cardinal, a second-generation photographer, followed in her father’s footsteps, constantly behind a camera or experiencing the magic of the dark room, as images mysteriously revealed themselves. Ms. Cardinal went on to study photography at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver and her work has been featured in many Northern Colorado galleries including the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center. Before opening the DARKROOM, Ms. Cardinal spent four years with DigitalGlobe and previous to that, five years with the Central Intelligence Agency.

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