Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects on Open Space

Boulder County annually approves a five‐year Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget for the Parks & Open Space Department.

CIP Projects

With a budget of $775,000 divided among six categories, the plan helps the department prioritize improvements on open space and engage the public prior to implementation of new facilities. The plan also provides a structure for seeking partnerships and grant funds to help leverage our budget.

Fund Sources

Funds for capital improvement projects come from open space sales tax revenues and revenues from agricultural leases. The agriculture revenues go back into capital projects related to agriculture, while the sales tax revenue is divided between the five project categories.

Project Categories

  • Agriculture
  • Ecosystems
  • Forestry
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public Education
  • Recreation & Facilities

Annual Open Space, Trail & GIS Requests

Each year we invite the communities of Boulder County to submit requests for open space and trail projects. Requests are due by Friday, January 18, 2019.

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