Mayhoffer Farm Management Plan

Mayhoffer Farm Management Plan

A draft management plan has been developed for the Mayhoffer Farm property located between Lafayette and Louisville. The open space property encompasses 165 acres and is located at the crossroads of South 95th Street and Empire Road.

Draft Management Plan

The main goal of the management plan is to document the unique history, location, and potential of the Mayhoffer Farm. In addition to documenting past and present conditions, this plan highlights the most promising future uses for the property.

Key recommendations include:

  • Increasing community access to the property through building an ADA accessible trail connection to the adjacent Coal Creek trail and Harney-Lastoka trail (Section 2.1).
  • Integrating unique interpretive and educational opportunities along this trail (Section 2.6).
  • Habitat restoration of the riparian buffer zone along Coal Creek as well as native prairie restoration along the proposed trail corridor (Section 2.3; 2.4).
  • Updating and expanding the Operating Plan detailing all aspects of current and future agricultural operations to ensure clear communication of needs (Section 2.5).
  • Continued collaborative management to ensure future trail construction and habitat restoration coexist with future agricultural activities.

Draft Mayhoffer Farm Management Plan

Interactive StoryMap

Plan de Gestión

El objetivo principal de este plan de gestión es documentar la historia única, la ubicación y el potencial de Mayhoffer Farm. Además de documentar las condiciones pasadas y actuales, este plan destaca los usos futuros más prometedores para la propiedad.

Las recomendaciones claves en el siguiente plan de gestión incluyen:

  • Aumentar el acceso comunitario a la propiedad a través de la construcción de una conexión con una senda con acceso para discapacitados según la ADA con la senda de Coal Creek y la senda de Harney-Lastoka contiguas.
  • Integrar oportunidades interpretativas y educaciones únicas a lo largo de esta senda.
  • Restaurar el hábitat de la zona de reserva ribereña a lo largo de Coal Creek además de restaurar la pradera autóctona a lo largo del corredor de sendas propuesto.
  • Actualizar le Plan Operativo que detalle todos los aspectos de las operaciones agrícolas actuales y futuras para garantizar la clara comunicación de necesidades.
  • La gestión continua en colaboración para garantizar que la restauración de sendas y del hábitat coexista con las actividades agrícolas.

Resumen Ejecutivo

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Public Comments

Please submit your comments on the draft plan. All comments are part of the public record and will be visible on the Public Comments Page and available for viewing by all decision makers.

  • Comments must be submitted by Oct. 11 for analysis and inclusion in the meeting packet for the Joint Advisory Boards meeting on Oct. 21.
  • Comments must be submitted by Oct. 21 for analysis and inclusion in the meeting packet for the Board of County Commissioners meeting on Nov. 4.
  • The comment form will remain open until Nov. 3 at midnight.

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Public Meetings & Plan Adoption Process

Joint Advisory Boards Meeting
Thursday, Oct. 21, 7 p.m.

The Boulder County Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee, Lafayette Open Space Advisory Committee, and the Louisville Open Space Advisory Board will hold a joint public hearing. The project team will present the draft plan and request recommendation to the Boulder County Board of Commissioners, Lafayette City Council, and Louisville City Council.

The meeting will be conducted as a Zoom Webinar, public comments will be accepted, and Spanish interpretation will be available. Registration is required.


The meeting will also be streamed live on YouTube for those who would like to watch but do not wish to speak or need Spanish interpretation.

Boulder County Board of Commissioners Meeting
Thursday, Nov. 4, 3:30 p.m.

The Board of Commissioners will meet to discuss approval of the draft management plan. Information on how to join the meeting will be posted approximately one week before the meeting.

Lafayette City Council Meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 16, 5:30 p.m.

The Lafayette City Council will meet to discuss approval of the draft management plan. Information on how to join the meeting will be posted approximately one week before the meeting.

Louisville City Council Meeting
Tuesday, Dec. 7, 6 p.m.

The Louisville City Council will meet to discuss approval of the draft management plan. Information on how to join the meeting will be posted approximately one week before the meeting.

Previous Meetings

Open House
Oct. 5

The project team presented an overview of the draft management plan, recommendations, and an overview of the public input and approval process. The meeting included questions and comments from the public.


A team of graduate students from the University of Colorado Boulder are working with Boulder County, the City of Lafayette, and the City of Louisville to create a compelling vision and comprehensive land management plan for the Mayhoffer Farm property.

The open space property was jointly purchased by Boulder County, Lafayette, and Louisville in 2017. The property has the potential to serve a variety of community needs as an extension of the adjacent Harney-Lastoka property including:

  • Preserving a greenspace buffer between the growing cities of Louisville and Lafayette
  • Conserving historic farmland and native wildlife habitat
  • Providing educational and recreational opportunities for the community, including ADA accessible trails

In addition to these land-use goals, all three agencies have identified this property as an opportunity to improve access for traditionally marginalized and underrepresented communities. Engaging with these communities, local leaders, resource specialists, and other key interest groups, and incorporating their input will be a crucial part of the plan. This aspect of the plan could also serve as a model for incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into planning and management of other open space properties.

In addition to extensive stakeholder and community engagement, the project will require extensive document review, spatial data analysis, survey development, implementation, and synthesis, as well as the drafting, presentation, and completion of final deliverables.


The primary objective is to create a comprehensive land management plan that balances partners’ goals with the needs of the local community. The team aims to create a plan that forms a strong foundation for future decision-making and action to develop the property into a valuable community resource.

The project team plans to complete and delivery the following:

  • A Community Profile to inform the survey and interview questions, and provide key insights for partners and relevant decision-makers.
  • A fully developed Land Management Plan modeled after, and building off of, the Harney-Lastoka Management Plan.
  • An ArcGIS Storymap that provides a place-based, public-facing representation of the property and the plan.
  • Professional presentations to the appropriate approval bodies in Boulder, Louisville, and Lafayette.

Mayhoffer Farm Map

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