South St. Vrain Creek

South St. Vrain Creek

Planning is currently underway for post-flood restoration along South St. Vrain Creek between Custode Open Space downstream to the end of Hall Ranch Open Space (Hall Meadows) at the existing Old St. Vrain Road Bridge, which was severely damaged by the September 2013 floods.

A preliminary (30%) design was completed for the entire 3.2 mile reach in September 2016.

Parks & Open Space is currently finalizing the design for and permitting of two project areas (SSV 1 and SSV 2) along the 3.2 miles, which were identified by the Natural Resource Conservation Service as eligible for funding under the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program. Boulder County is also funding an area between SSV 1 and the Andesite Bridge, which was deemed not eligible for EWP funding, but is essential to the restoration of SSV 1. In total, these areas account for 1.1 miles of the 3.2 miles in the 30% design.

Restoration Planning & Preliminary Design

Boulder County Parks & Open Space, along with the St. Vrain Creek Coalition, neighbors, and other stakeholders, are collaborating on post-flood restoration along South St. Vrain Creek.

This section is part of Reach 4b in the St. Vrain Creek Watershed Master Plan.

30% Design and Basis of Design Report

The county secured a Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR) planning grant through the Colorado Watershed Resilience Planning Grant Program. The CDBG-DR grant covered planning, engineering and ecological surveys and analysis, restoration alternatives analysis, 30% design, and public engagement for post-flood stream restoration projects throughout the 3.2-mile corridor. This portion of the project wrapped up in September 2016.

South St Vrain Map

Emergency Watershed Protection Projects

Two sections of the 3.2 mile study reach (referred to as SSV 1 and SSV 2) were identified for funding through the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program in late 2015. The EWP program provides financial assistance for implementation of approved creek restoration plans. The county has worked with the EWP team to ensure the project meets EWP objectives and plans to secure this funding in early spring 2017. To improve the likelihood of receiving EWP funds, the final designs for SSV 1 and SSV 2 need to be completed by January 31, 2017. In addition, Boulder County is utilizing county funds to extend the project upstream of SSV 1 to the Andesite Bridge, which is necessary to tie the creek into SSV 1 per the 30% design plan.

The consulting team, led by Matrix Design Group, is currently finalizing the plans for SSV 1, SSV 2, and the area upstream of SSV 1 and preparing all necessary documents for putting the project out to bid for construction utilizing Boulder County funds. Parks & Open Space, along with Matrix Design Group’s assistance, is also securing all necessary local, state, and federal permits for the project. Construction for these project areas is scheduled to commence in summer 2017 after spring run-off. Per EWP guidelines, the construction needs to be completed within 220 and no later than December 31, 2017. The projects will require a minimum of 3 years post-construction monitoring, which Parks & Open Space will be responsible for.

Funding for implementation for the remainder of the 3.2 miles analyzed in the 30% design has not yet been secured, and all projects proposed in the 30% designs will be dependent on the county and / or its partners receiving additional funds for final designs, permitting, and implementation.

Past Public Meetings

Update to St. Vrain Creek Coalition – November 16, 2016

The project team presented a brief update at the St. Vrain Creek Coalition meeting. The update included information about the completion of the 30% design phase for the entire 3.2 mile reach, our next steps in the final design process for EWP-eligible sites, and our anticipated construction schedule for the EWP-eligible sites.

Final 30% Design Presentation – September 22, 2016

The project team presented an overview of the Final 30% Design and Basis of Design report for post-flood restoration to the Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee on September 22.

Draft 30% – August 17, 2016

The project team presented the Draft 30% Design and Basis of Design report for post-flood restoration to the St. Vrain Creek Coalition and other interested members of the public. The meeting was part of the St. Vrain Creek Coalition’s Project Committee meeting, but was open to all interested members of the public.

Preferred Alternative Site Visit – July 28, 2016

The project team conducted a site visit with the St. Vrain Creek Coalition and interested members of the public. They discussed the preferred alternative for post-flood restoration of South St. Vrain Creek immediately upstream of the Andesite Mine down to the eastern Old South St. Vrain Road Bridge. The purpose of the site visit was to walk key segments of the planning area, review the preferred alternative, discuss how it was developed, and answer questions.

Alternatives and Preferred Alternative – June 30, 2016

A public meeting was held on June 30 to review alternatives for the restoration of South St. Vrain Creek and to provide a summary of the engineering and other analysis that was used to develop alternatives. Consultants addressed concerns, provided responses, and made appropriate changes as necessary. In addition, the project team gave an update to the St. Vrain Creek Coalition on June 29.

Project Goals & Scoping – May 24, 2016

Parks & Open Space and its consultant, Matrix Design Group, held the first of several public meetings on May 24 in Lyons. The purpose of the first meeting was to provide a general outline of the engineering and restoration design process and to review and discuss project goals and objectives.

The project team facilitated a discussion with attendees about the goals and other issues and concerns about the project. Notes from the meeting will be posted soon. An update to the St. Vrain Creek Coalition occurred on Wednesday, May 25, at their regularly scheduled meeting.

Initial Presentation – August 20, 2015

A short presentation was given to stakeholders that included an overview of the planning area, including existing county open space management plans, completed and on-going projects throughout the corridor, assessments and recommendations from the St. Vrain Creek Watershed Master Plan, cost estimates and funding, and some design considerations.

Other Restoration Projects Along St. Vrain Creek

St. Vrain Creek Restoration – US 36 to Airport Rd

The county will be working in collaboration with the Saint Vrain Creek Coalition, our neighbors along the creek, and the City of Longmont to restore the Saint Vrain between US 36 and Airport Road. The restoration designs will focus on Reach 3 of the St. Vrain Creek Master Plan.

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Pella Crossing

Pella Crossing is a combination of publicly accessible trails and former gravel ponds that support non-motorized fishing activities. The flood waters of September 2013 destroyed much of the visitor infrastructure at Pella Crossing and destroyed a number of the ponds. Through FEMA funding, the project will restore both the ponds and the public access, including the trails, trailhead and restroom. In addition, emergency spillways and other features will be constructed to protect the reservoirs and surrounding area from similar damage if a major flood event were to occur in the future. Restoring public access to this project is an important part of returning and strengthening public engagement with this reach of the St. Vrain Creek, and it is an important link of the St. Vrain Greenway trail system.

Pella Flood Damage

Ramey Homestead

First homesteaded around 1861, the Ramey House is one of the oldest known homesteads standing in Boulder County. The residence itself narrowly avoided significant damage; however the outbuildings of the original farm were damaged and dislocated by the flood waters. The Ramey project will restore the pastureland and historic configuration of this important cultural resource.


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