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St. Vrain Creek Restoration: Phase II

St. Vrain Creek Restoration (Reach 3): Phase II

Phase II of flood restoration work is under design along the St. Vrain Creek located South of SH-66 between N. 51st Street and N. 63rd Street. This section is known as Reach 3 Phase II.

Flood Restoration

Ditch infrastructure and wildlife habitat was severely damaged by the September 2013 floods due to sedimentation, erosion, and stream avulsion.

Outreach to ditch stakeholders started in December 2018. Boulder County bid out the design project in March 2019, and the design team started work in June 2019. The design team includes Otak, Ecos, Michael Baker International, Wright Water Engineers, and King Surveyors.

Phase I was completed in May 2018.



The project design will be completed by the end of 2019. Permits and stakeholder approval are part of the critical path schedule for the last months of 2019 and early 2020.

St. Vrain Creek Reach 3 Phase 2 Project Area Map


The project includes engineering design, permitting, and construction of the following restoration components:

  1. A low-maintenance bypass structure that will divert decreed water rights and sustainably direct high-energy flows and sediment away from the headgates, provide fish passage, tie into previous work, and improve ecological services in the project area.
  2. Modifications to the remnant Baker and Weese ditch that will protect adjacent infrastructure repaired since the 2013 flood.


Funding for this project was provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program (HUD CDBG-DR) administered by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and the Boulder County Collaborative.

Project Background

Boulder County Parks & Open Space, along with the St. Vrain Creek Coalition, neighbors, and other stakeholders, collaborated on post-flood restoration planning for Reach 3 in the St. Vrain Creek Watershed Master Plan.

Parks & Open Space began planning and design work on Reach 3 of the St. Vrain Creek in 2016. The planning phase was funded by the HUD CDBG-DR and was a collaborative effort with stakeholders throughout the Saint Vrain Creek watershed.

Through a series of public meetings with neighbors, the City of Longmont, the St. Vrain Creek Coalition, and other stakeholders, we developed a comprehensive plan and a 30% design.

We then sought and received preliminary approval for a grant from the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program from the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) as administered by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB). Utilizing this funding source, the 80% design for Reach 3 was completed in June 2017 and construction was completed in May 2018.

A portion of the construction scope was removed during the initial contracting agreement discussions, and this became the Reach 3 Phase II project.

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