Trail Closures, Notices, Alerts & Conditions

Trail Closures, Notices, Alerts, & Conditions

Closures, Notices, & Alerts

Trail Description
Anne U. White Trail The Anne U. White Trail is closed due to trailhead reconstruction.
Boulder Canyon Trail The trail may be closed due to construction along Boulder Canyon/SH 119. See the Boulder Canyon Trail page for details.
Blue Bird Loop & DeLonde Trail at Caribou Ranch Caribou Ranch is closed until July 1 due to the seasonal wildlife closure.
Cradleboard Trail at Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm A section of the trail is temporarily closed to protect ground nesting birds. A detour is in place, but the rough terrain may not be suitable for road bikes. See the Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm page for details.
Coal Creek Trail A section of the Coal Creek Trail is closed between McCaslin Boulevard and the US 36 Bikeway while improvements are made to the Coal Creek corridor.
Lagerman Trail at Lagerman Agricultural Preserve The western section of the trail is closed until August 31 due to the seasonal wildlife closure. See the Lagerman Agricultural Preserve page for details.

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Muddy Trails

Shortcutting around muddy trails greatly increases erosion and destroys vegetation. If a trail is reported to be in poor condition, consider using another trail.

Tips for Muddy Trails

  • Use trails early in the morning before it gets too muddy
  • Go through mud, not around it – trails take years to heal, so get muddy
  • Use a different trail if it is too muddy

Muddy Trails

Trail Condition Tweets for All Trails

Rangers will usually report when trail conditions are less than favorable.

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