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Designated Historic Sites

Designated Historic Sites

Historic structureBoulder County Historic Landmarks are structures, sites, or districts which have been designated by the County Commissioners because of their historic significance and importance to the county.

The County began its formal historic preservation program in 1992 although efforts to preserve our cultural heritage began years earlier. Since that time, Boulder County has become a leader in historic preservation through its stewardship of numerous historic properties and by encouraging private property owners to preserve their historic resources.

Boulder County has jurisdiction over landmarking properties in the unincorporated parts of the county, Nederland, Jamestown, Ward and a few other smaller towns in the county that have signed intergovernmental agreements to take on the historic designation role.

View State and National Historic Preservation Registered Sites information from History Colorado.

Boulder County Registered Historic Landmark Sites

Property NameDocket IDDesignation Date
Orodell TownsiteHP-93-011993/07/01
Old Town NiwotHP-93-021993/10/21
Bunce SchoolHP-94-011993/10/21
Sunshine SchoolHP-94-021995/01/19
Sandersen HouseHP-94-031995/01/19
Columbia HotelHP-94-041995/08/22
Larson HouseHP-96-011996/05/14
Clark HouseHP-96-021996/05/14
St. James ChapelHP-96-041996/10/17
Salina SchoolhouseHP-96-061997/05/20
Tommy Jones StagestopHP-96-071996/12/12
Gold Miner HotelHP-96-081997/01/28
Nederland Old Stone GarageHP-97-021997/10/02
Pilot Mine ShafthouseHP-97-031997/12/09
Affolter HouseHP-97-041997/10/02
Distel FarmHP-97-061997/10/23
Snowbound MineHP-97-071997/11/18
Lohr-McIntosh HomesteadHP-97-081998/01/27
Stroh/Dickens BarnHP-97-091998/01/27
Hall Ranch ComplexHP-98-011998/04/21
Rock Creek Farm Cultural LandscapeHP-98-021998/06/18
Wallstreet Assay OfficeHP-98-031998/12/17
Gillaspie HouseHP-98-041998/12/17
Niwot Firehouse added to Niwot Historic DistrictHP-98-052000/01/11
Sungate (Jones Residence and Site)HP-98-061999/02/25
McCaslin HomesteadHP-99-011999/04/13
Altona Grange SiteHP-99-021999/04/13
St. Catherine’s ChapelHP-99-031999/06/17
Betasso HomesteadHP-99-041999/05/27
Geer HomesteadHP-99-051999/05/27
Carlson SiloHP-99-061999/09/16
Forrest Jones CabinHP-99-071999/09/16
Dickens Homestead & Lashley BarnHP-99-081999/12/16
Peek-A-Boo Cabin (Gilfillan/ Gross)HP-99-091999/12/16
Shannon FarmHP-00-012000/03/14
Nederland CemeteryHP-00-022000/08/15
Brodie Quarry Blacksmith Shop and CisternHP-00-032001/01/16
Little Emily Mining ShackHP-01-012001/05/31
Ludlow Farm Site (Spurgeon/Gaynor Lake Farm)HP-01-032001/06/06
Kluck ResidenceHP-01-042001/06/28
Cardinal MillHP-01-062001/10/16
Harney/Lastoka FarmHP-01-072001/10/16
United Methodist Church of HygieneHP-02-012002/03/14
Little Church in the PinesHP-02-022002/03/14
Martindale GranaryHP-02-032002/07/25
Flagstaff Mountain Cultural Landscape DistrictHP-02-042002/09/12
Swanson FarmHP-02-052002/08/27
Dodd PropertyHP-02-062002/08/07
Superior CemeteryHP-02-072002/11/21
Allen FarmHP-03-012003/04/15
Longfellow-Pace FarmHP-03-022003/10/21
Montgomery FarmHP-03-032003/12/16
Blue Bird Mine SiteHP-04-012004/03/11
Stengel/King Farm SiteHP-04-022004/04/15
Dodd GranaryHP-04-052004/07/13
Neva CabinHP-04-062004/08/17
Lakeside Service StationHP-04-072004/09/21
Throndson FarmHP-05-012005/02/15
Forbess/Marlatt FarmHP-05-022005/02/15
Dannels HomesteadHP-05-032005/03/15
Rocky Ledge CabinHP-05-042005/07/19
Brethren Church & Hygiene CemeteryHP-05-052005/09/29
Boyle Homestead/Woodley FarmHP-05-062005/11/15
Woods’ CabinHP-05-082006/02/21
Eldorado Springs Observation PavilionHP-06-012006/06/15
Barber HomesteadHP-06-022006/08/17
Cobb & Wood HousesHP-06-032006/08/31
Niwot Chemical FirecartHP-06-052006/08/31
Jamestown Town HallHP-06-062007/01/16
Aspenola CabinHP-07-022007/03/29
Cruthers’ HomesteadHP-07-032007/03/29
Rockwall LodgeHP-07-042007/03/29
McLellan CabinHP-07-062007/04/26
Bryan CabinHP-07-072007/04/26
Blue Jay MineHP-07-082007/08/21
Rocky Mountain Hydraulic LabHP-07-092007/10/23
Camp FrancesHP-08-012009/02/03
Alex Ryan Cabins and William Gustafson CabinHP-09-00012009/07/16
Chapman Drive-Amendment to the Flagstaff Mtn. Cultural Landscape Dist.HP-09-00022010/01/26/
Hornbaker ResidenceHP-10-00012010/05/18
501 Main, Gold Hill CabinHP-10-00022010/07/13
Gooding SchoolHP-10-00032010/07/13
Salina StoreHP-10-00042010/08/31
Hock FarmHP-10-00052010/10/28
Mountain HouseHP-11-00012011/03/03
Crowley Lode CabinHP-11-00022011/04/26
Honeymoon HouseHP-11-00032012/01/05
Boyd/Brown HousesHP-11-00042011/09/06
Moore-Pruden RanchHP-12-00012012/05/01
Sinn’s Western TrailHP-12-00022012/05/22
Cornell HouseHP-12-00032012/10/23
Altona SchoolHP-12-00042013/02/12
Chapman Drive-Amendment to the Flagstaff Mtn. Cultural Landscape Dist.HP-12-00052013/08/06
Penrose LodgeHP-13-00022013/07/02
Johnson FarmHP-13-00032013/07/23
De Lande RanchHP-13-00052013/10/17
Valmont SchoolHP-13-00082014/01/21
Henry "Dutch" Waneka FarmHP-14-00012014/03/04
Old Allenspark SchoolHP-14-00022014/05/27
Salina House #25HP-14-00032014/05/27
Salina Red BarnHP-14-00042014/07/03
Pleasant View Ridge SchoolHP-14-00052014/10/21
Hockaday~Giggey~Reynolds CabinHP-14-00072015/03/05
Casita de RocaHP-15-00012015/05/28
Hansen CabinHP-15-00022015/11/12
Le Moine CabinHP-15-00032015/12/14
Ryssby SchoolHP-15-00042015/12/14
Eldora Station and Lake Eldora StationHP-15-00052015/12/14
Wagon Wheel LodgeHP-15-00062016/03/29
Schott CabinHP-15-00072016/04/21
Sawdey FarmHP-16-00012016/05/19
Griffin-Funston HouseHP-16-00022016/07/12
Chaussard BarnHP-16-00052017/02/02
Kolb FarmHP-17-00022017/07/27
Hartnagle FarmHP-17-00032017/10/24
Tahosa Valley Land OfficeHP-17-00062018/02/06
Lower Castle Rock BridgeHP-18-00012018/06/26
Upper Castle Rock BridgeHP-18-00022018/06/26
Wencel BarnHP-18-00042018/08/23
Warembourg HouseHP-18-00052018/08/23
Eldorado Springs ResortHP-18-00062018/10/09
Spackman-Corruccini HouseHP-18-00072018/11/27
Gold King, Silver Serpent, Gold King No. 1 and Ace of Diamonds Placer ClaimsHP-19-00022019/06/13
Bishop GalleryHP-19-00032019/06/13

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