2020 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Mid-Term Update

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2020 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Mid-Term Update

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2020 Mid-Term Update Overview

The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) is used by the City of Boulder and Boulder County to guide long-range planning, the review of development proposals and other activities that shape the built and natural environments in the Boulder Valley. The plan helps the community create and preserve a sustainable future for the Boulder Valley and a high quality of life.

The mid-term update, a routine process to ensure the BVCP incorporates recent area plans and current maps, is taking place in 2020-2021. The mid-term update reviews progress made against objectives identified in the last major plan update, provides an opportunity for the public to request changes to the plan that do not involve significant city and county resources, and makes minor additions or clarifications to the policy section.

Public Meetings and Hearings

Visit the City of Boulder 2020 Mid-Term Update webpage for information on Planning Board, City Council and other City of Boulder-hosted meetings.

Past Meetings

Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Public Hearing, Tuesday, March 2 , 2021

Staff presented a request for approval and adoption of the elements which require four-body review and approval in the 2020 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) Mid-term Update and IGA extension agreement, which requires City Council/BOCC-only approval.

Action Requested: Approval and adoption of 2020 BVCP Mid-term Update & IGA extension agreement

Staff Planners: Alberto De Los Rios, Long Range Planner I; Hannah Hippely, Long Range Planning Manager; Jean Gatza, City of Boulder Senior Planner
Documents: BVCP-20-0001 staff report for March 2, 2021

Planning Commission Public Hearing, Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Staff presented an update regarding the adoption of the BVCP mid-term update elements which require four body review.
Action Requested: Approval and Adoption of 2020 BVCP Mid-term Update
Staff Planners: Alberto De Los Rios, Hannah Hippely

Planning Commission Public Meeting, Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Staff presented an update regarding the community- and staff-initiated amendments to the BVCP as part of the mid-term update. Staff will review the process including providing a recap of the May 28, 2020 Planning Board meeting and take feedback from Planning Commission to consider as the update proceeds.
Action Requested: None, Information item only
Staff Planners: Abby Shannon, Alberto De Los Rios
Documents: Staff report for June 17, 2020

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