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DC-19-0004 Environmental Resources and Development Impacts

DC-19-0004: Proposed Boulder County Land Use Code Text Amendments related to Environmental Resources and Development Impacts


On July 2, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners authorized staff to pursue text amendments to Article 7-1700 and other provisions of the Land Use Code in order to align Land Use Code regulations more closely with the goals and policies of the 2014 update to the Environmental Resource element of the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan.

The purpose of the proposed Code amendments is to strengthen county policies and procedures which protect the environmental resources of Boulder County and to provide clearer guidance in adequately mitigating any potential impacts. Land Use staff has been working with Parks & Open Space staff in identifying appropriate Code changes to reflect the goals and policies of the Environmental Resources element. Staff intends to expand the scope of the Wildlife Impact Report requirement in Article 7-1700 to better address environmental resources more broadly, provide clearer specifications of what is expected in the report, and adjust the items that trigger a report. Additionally, staff has begun exploring methods for reducing fragmentation of natural areas that can result from development.


Molly Marcucilli, Long Range Planner I


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