Mountain Addressing System

The Boulder County Mountain Addressing System is based on a mile-point/street-name system designed to expedite emergency response. 

Displaying Your Green Address Plate

Mountain Address SignAn atlas of house locations has been issued to all emergency agencies and is periodically updated by the Sheriff's Office. It is important that you clearly display the "green" address plate at your entrance.

In choosing the best place to display your address plate, please consider the direction from which ambulance and fire vehicles will be responding.

Your assigned address informs responding units how far your driveway is from the starting point of your street. For example, 1138 Poorman Road is 1.138 miles up Poorman Road from Sunshine Canyon Drive. Even numbers are on the right and odd numbers are on the left.

The green plate is intended to withstand all weather conditions. It is recommended that a flathead nail that is sufficiently smaller than the holes be used since the acrylic material has a tendency to expand and contract. Also, that the sign be posted on a feature that will not readily burn.

Obtaining County Address Identification Plates

To obtain the County green address plates, either contact your local fire chief or call the Zoning Division at 303-441-3930.

If you have any questions regarding the Mountain Addressing System, please feel free to call the Zoning Division at 303-441-3930.


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