Requirements for Vendors at Farmers' Markets

Prepared & Packaged Food

Vendors that are preparing, packaging, or serving food must be licensed as a retail food establishment (including chili roasters). A vendor who is otherwise exempt from licensing (i.e. selling only non-potentially hazardous prepackaged foods) but who offers samples to consumers is not required to be licensed.

Processed Food

Home processed foods, including pies, jams, jellies, pickles, etc., cannot be sold or distributed at farmers' markets.

All processed foods must be manufactured in an approved facility. Approved facilities are inspected by the Colorado Department of Public Health Wholesale Division for compliance with the Colorado Wholesale Food Regulations Current Good Manufacturing Practice (59KB). (6CCR1010-21).

Processed foods are foods that undergo slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping, cooking, mixing, grinding, smoking, drying, packaging, canning or other procedures that alter the food from its original state. Mixed greens, honey, and salsa are examples of processed foods. Agricultural product sold in its raw harvested state is not considered processed.

Canned Food

Low acid canned foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, etc. cannot be sold or distributed unless they were processed at an approved cannery. This is due to the extreme risk of botulism, a potentially fatal illness associated with canned foods.

Processed foods must also comply with federal and Colorado labeling regulations.

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