Remodeling an Existing Retail Food Establishment or Mobile Unit
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Remodeling an Existing Retail Food Establishment or Mobile Unit

If you plan to extensively remodel the facility or to change menu items or equipment, a plan review may be required.


Extensively remodeled is defined in Section 1-202 (18) of the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations, and includes:

  • Increasing seating capacity by 20%.
  • Changes or alterations made in the nonpublic areas that result in a reduction or increase of total space by 25% or more.
  • Alterations requiring a building permit by local authorities.
  • The facility’s capabilities to handle food and utensils in a sanitary manner have been diminished, creating potentially hazardous conditions.
  • This may include extensive equipment changes or significant changes in the menu.

Plan Review

Complete plans and specifications must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) before the start of any remodeling of a retail food establishment in Boulder County.

Step 1

Complete the following

Step 2

Submit the Restaurant & Vendor Licensing Fees for the Plan Review

A plan review takes up to 14 working days. Failure to provide the required information delays the plan review process.

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