Temporary Permits

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits may be obtained at the time of purchase. Temporary permits are issued while paperwork is completed and until the vehicle obtains an emissions inspection, if required:

Temporary Permit Checklist

Obtain a temporary permit by providing the following:

  • Secure and Verifiable ID
  • Bill of Sale (in rare circumstances, such as when proper ownership documents are missing, please contact our office for alternative Bill of Sale paperwork)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • $7.08 plus any applicable sales tax due on the purchase price of the vehicle

Apply In-Person

Visit a Boulder County Motor Vehicle office to complete the permit transaction. Permits may be obtained at the time of purchase.

Seller’s Plates

The seller’s plates are not transferable to the buyer.


Register the vehicle before the temporary permit expires. Visit a Boulder County Motor Vehicle office if a temporary permit needs to be extended.

Late Fees

Colorado law requires residents to pay late fees. Late fees may not exceed $100. Temporary permits are not subject to a one-month grace period (C.R.S. 42-3-112, 42-3-114).

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