Card Replacement Information

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Card Replacement Information

You are required by State Law to notify the agency that issued your permit within 30 days if your Concealed Handgun Permit has been lost or stolen.

To request a new card to replace a card that has been lost or stolen OR to request a new card because your card has been damaged, please fill out the required form and return it to the sheriff’s agency that issued your permit.

The lost/stolen/damaged form used for replacement of a card MUST BE NOTARIZED. Additionally, State Law requires a $15.00 fee for replacement of a Concealed Handgun Permit.

(If you would like a replacement card for any other reason, i.e., new picture, smudged or fading of the information, etc., this is also the form you would use, and it is $15.00 for a replacement card, regardless of the reason.)

The required form is the: Address Change/Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Notification Form

You can mail the form with the $15.00 fee or walk it in to Sheriff’s Headquarters.

If you mail it, it must be notarized in advance. If you walk it in, we have notaries at the Records Counter at Sheriff’s Headquarters who can notarize it at no charge.

Mail or walk-it-in to:
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: CCW
5600 Flatiron Parkway
Boulder, CO 80301

For questions, you may contact the CCW desk at: 303-441-3994.

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