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Card Replacement Information

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Card Replacement Information

You are required by State Law to notify the sheriff’s agency that issued your Concealed Handgun Permit within 30 days of having a lost, stolen or damaged Concealed Handgun Permit.

To request a replacement card, please fill out the required Address Change/Lost/Stolen Form and return it to the sheriff’s agency that issued your permit.

The Address Change/Lost/Stolen Form used for replacement of a card MUST BE NOTARIZED. Additionally, State Law requires a $15.00 fee for replacement of a Concealed Handgun Permit.

(If you would like a replacement card for any other reason, i.e., new picture, smudged or fading of the information, etc., this is also the form you would use. It is $15.00 for a replacement card, regardless of the reason.)

You may mail the form or send it electronically via email.

By email (using a credit card):

By postal mail (paying with a check):

  • Download, print out, fill out, sign and have notarized the Address Change/Lost/Stolen Form
  • Prepare a check for $15.00, made payable to:
    Boulder County Sheriff’s Office or BCSO
  • Enclose the above items in an envelope (with postage) and address it to:
    Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
    Attn: CCW
    5600 Flatiron Parkway
    Boulder, CO 80301

For questions, you may contact the CCW desk at: 303-441-3994.

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