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Retired Law Enforcement Officer Qualification Information

If you are a Retired Law Enforcement Officer, you may be eligible to attend a qualification shoot to obtain concealed handgun carry credentials for all 50 states through the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (LEOSA).

Qualification Requirements:

To attend a Retired Law Enforcement Officer Qualification Shoot, you must be a Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officer (QRLEO).

To be classified as a Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officer (QRLEO), numerous conditions must be met. The retired officer must:

  • Be retired in good standing from service with a public agency as a law enforcement officer; and
  • Before such retirement, was authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of, or the incarceration of, any person for any violation of law and had statutory powers of arrest; and
  • Before such retirement, was regularly employed as a law enforcement officer for an aggregate of 10 years or more; OR retired from service with such agency (after completing any applicable probationary period) due to a service-connected disability, as determined by such agency; and
  • Have a non-forfeitable right to benefits under the retirement plan of the agency; and
  • Is not [habitually] under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating or hallucinatory drugs or substances; and
  • Is not prohibited by Federal (or State) Law from receiving or possessing a firearm; and
  • Possess retired credentials (in the form of a photo ID card) issued by the agency he/she retired from, showing his/her rank and the date of retirement.

If the above conditions are met, a QRLEO may attend a qualifying firearms shoot once a year with the agency he/she retired from, using the same criteria prescribed when he/she was in active service, which will enable concealed carry of a firearm of the same type that he/she qualified with in all 50 states. Or, if the retired officer is not living in the same location as the agency he/she retired from, the retired officer can qualify with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office only if he/she lives in Boulder County or is retired from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

Qualification Shoot Attendance

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office offers a Retired Law Enforcement Officer Qualification Shoot the second Saturday of every month from 8:00 am until 10:00 am at the Longmont Police Department/Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Firing Range and Training Facility at 10916 County Road 5, Longmont, CO 80504.

For directions, click on the following link:

If you would like to attend a Retired Law Enforcement Officer Qualification Shoot with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

  • On the day of the scheduled shoot, arrive during the window of time specified.
  • Bring your handgun (unloaded and in a carry case).
  • Bring your ear and eye protection. (If you don’t have these items, there is a limited number available to borrow at the range.)
  • Bring ammunition if you want to use your own, otherwise, the range can provide ammunition.
  • Read and sign the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office LEOSA Waiver and Release Form
  • There is NO CHARGE for the shoot (it is free for qualified retired law enforcement).
After satisfactory completion of the shoot, the retiree will be issued a “shoot card,” signed by a Certified Range Instructor. This card will identify the retired officer, the date on which he/she satisfactorily met the standards for qualification, and will allow him/her to carry a concealed handgun in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories for one full year from the qualification date indicated on the “shoot card.”

For questions regarding the upcoming shoot, you may contact Deputy Kye Javes at 303-441-3655 or

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