What We Do - But Does it Work?

Restorative justice produces impressive data compared to the traditional criminal justice system. This is partly because restorative justice puts power back in the hands of those affected by crime. If victims can express the impact of the crime and their needs, they are more likely to feel heard and that “justice has been done.” If an offender in included in the deliberations over appropriate repair, s/he will be more likely to follow through on their obligations (restitution, etc) than if a judicial system imposed a sentence. The following data comes from a U.S. wide study on restorative justice programs.

Traditional Justice System Restorative Justice
Recidivism % 27 18
Victim Satisfaction % 57 79
Victim Fear of Re-victimization % 23 10
Offender Satisfaction % 78 87
Completed Restitution % 58 81


Restorative Justice Volunteers

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Restorative Justice program is fortunate to have a team of 24 trained volunteers. In 2010, we received 29 case referrals for either restorative justice or mediation. Of the 52 offenders referred to the program, 50 chose to participate, and 2 chose a summons to court. Of those who completed the RJ process, 45 offenders successfully completed their restorative justice contracts and 5 offenders failed to complete their contracts and were issued summonses. 90% of the participants successfully completed their restorative justice contracts.

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