Transportation Flood Recovery Projects

Transportation Flood Recovery Projects

The slideshow below shows locations of flood recovery projects that will be undertaken by Boulder County Transportation through 2017. There are additional project locations that will receive work that aren’t depicted in this slideshow. See the table at the bottom of the page for a list of projects. Links to specific project information is available to the right.

If you have questions about any of this work, send Andrew Barth an email or call 303-441-1032.

Flood Recovery Projects and Schedule

Project Name/LocationDescription of WorkStart Date (Estimate)Completion Date (Estimate)
Lefthand Canyon DriveRoad reconstruction and stream restorationCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Longmont Dam RoadRoad reconstruction and stream restorationCOMPLETECOMPLETE
James Canyon DriveRoad reconstruction and stream restorationMay 2017October 2019
Lower Foumile CanyonRoad reconstruction and stream restorationSeptember 2018September 2019
Upper Fourmile Canyon (Salina to Sunset)Road reconstruction and stream restorationOctober 2017November 2018
Gold Run RoadRoad reconstruction and stream restorationSeptember 2017September 2018
Dillon Road over Rock CreekReplace destroyed culvert and road repairsCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Sugarloaf RoadRetaining wall repairsNovember 2018March 2019
North 83rd Street over Little Thompson RiverReplace destroyed bridge and stream restorationCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Apple Valley RoadRepair bridge and replace pedestrian facilitiesCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Old South St. Vrain Road & BridgeReplace destroyed bridge and repair roadwayCOMPLETECOMPLETE
East County Line Road at Boulder CreekRepair bridgeCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Salina JunctionReplacement of damaged culvertCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Logan Mill RoadBridge construction to replace destroyed culvertMarch 2018August 2018
Wagonwheel Gap RoadRoad reconstruction and stream restorationJune 2017November 2018
Emerson GulchRoadway and culvert repairsSeptember 2017Substantially complete
Nimbus RoadRoadway repairs and stream restorationCOMPLETECOMPLETE
61st/63rd Street Bridge over St. Vrain CreekBridge repairsCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Geer Canyon DriveRoadway repairs and stream restorationCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Topaz DriveRoadway repairsCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Flagstaff RoadBridge installation and roadway repairsCOMPLETECOMPLETE
Pinebrook Hills (Linden, Timber, Pinebrook)Roadway repairs, culvert repairs, retaining wallsCOMPLETECOMPLETE

Many other flood recovery projects have been completed already. Contact the Transportation Department (info below) if you’re looking for information on a specific project.

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