Floodplain Partners: Elevation, Relocation, and Buy-Out Pilot Program

Boulder County Transportation has received a federal grant to conduct a pilot program that will help reduce flooding impacts on individual properties and the community as a whole. As one of the highest flood risk areas in Colorado, which was demonstrated in 2013, it is imperative that we evaluate structures that are currently at risk of flooding to determine if there is a way we can make improvements to decrease the impacts of future flood events. Funding from the grant will allow Boulder County to complete site-specific evaluations for interested property owners in unincorporated Boulder County and potentially apply for federal funding to reduce flood risk.

The pilot program will assist with the financial costs of evaluating the benefits and costs of completing one of the three following flood mitigation activities:

  • Home Elevation physically raises structures to provide room for flood water to flow underneath.
  • Home Relocation moves structures from their current location to another spot on the property that is out of the floodplain, if a spot is available
  • Buy-Out involves complete removal of the home and restoration of the land. After the property is bought, it becomes public land maintained by the county that is unavailable for development.

Hazard mitigation enables individuals and communities to recover more quickly after a disaster. Mitigation also lessens the financial impact to individuals and the local, state, and federal government. According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, for every $1 invested in disaster mitigation, $11 is saved in recovery. Not only can hazard mitigation save money in flood recovery efforts, but it could also save you money in flood insurance costs.

The Floodplain Partners pilot program is currently seeking interested property owners in unincorporated Boulder County to participate in site-specific property evaluations to see if they would be a good fit for the program. The site-specific evaluations will determine which mitigation strategies would work for the property. In addition, we will assess which mitigation strategies would be eligible for FEMA’s Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) program funding. One of the goals of the pilot is to submit several applications for FMA program funding to complete mitigation projects on eligible properties.

Property owners who can benefit most from this pilot study are:

  • Owners of properties that have experienced flood damage
  • Owners of properties exposed to high amounts of erosion
  • Owners of properties in the regulatory floodplain
  • Owners of properties in areas of high wildfire risk that are also near rivers or creeks (due to the risk of post-fire flooding)

Not sure if your property is in the floodplain? Use the county’s online Property Search application to look up your address and learn more.

Interested in volunteering for the pilot program? Fill out the online application to help us learn more about your property and a program representative will contact you after reviewing your information.


  • Contact Stacey Proctor, Project Manager, at 303-441-1107 or via email.


Mitigation Work Saves $

A lot of money can be saved by completing mitigation activities before the next hazard event. For every dollar ($1) spent in advance:

  • $11 can be saved meeting building codes
  • $6 can be saved applying federal grants for mitigation
  • $4 can be saved exceeding building codes
  • $4 can be saved improving utilities, roads, highways, and railroads
  • $4 can be saved protecting communities from wildfires

Per the National Institute of Building Sciences study on natural hazard mitigation.

Example of an elevated home
The photo above shows an example of an elevated home. The foundation has been raised and covered in decorative stone.

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