Interim Floodplain Map

Interim Floodplain Map

The 2013 Flood significantly changed creek size, shape, and location in many areas throughout Boulder County. The flood also provided new information that will be used for future floodplain maps. Boulder County is currently in the process of determining where new floodplain maps are needed for the safety of residents and for regulatory purposes.

The process for getting a new floodplain map adopted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will take several years. The Colorado Water Conservation Board has developed an interim floodplain map using post-flood conditions. The interim floodplain shows the approximate location of the relocated 100-year floodplain.

Properties that are on the existing regulatory floodplain map must continue to comply with all FEMA and county floodplain regulations.

Properties which are on the interim floodplain map are not required to obtain a floodplain development permit or, in most cases, obtain flood insurance. Interim maps are currently being used for information and guidance only. However, Boulder County strongly recommends that residents whose properties are on the interim floodplain map take the new information into consideration when making decisions about a property, including:

  • Building new structures or additions
  • Placement of septic systems
  • Purchasing flood insurance
  • Purchasing decisions

Flood insurance is available to all homeowners in Boulder County. More information about flood insurance can be found at

For more information, see the interim floodplain map flyer. Residents may check the location of their property in relation to the interim floodplain map on Boulder County Property Search by searching for their address. This map is for illustration purposes only. For an official determination about your property contact the Transportation Department via email or 303-441-3900.

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